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Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Series Of 2019

Star Wars- The Clone Wars Season 4 Blu-ray game-of-thrones-season-6-dvd ST.png

2019 is upon us and it’s bringing forth new shows, returning favorites, and even a few resurrections. While there’s bound to be surprises and out of the blue hits, the ten shows listed below are the ones I am most anxious to see. On with the list!

1. The Mandalorian- 2019 is going to be a major year for “Star Wars” with Galaxy’s Edge opening up, Episode 9, a new Star Wars Celebration, the return of Clone Wars (more on that below), and the release of the first ever live-action SW series “The Mandalorian.” As a fan of the Mandalorians, the underworld, and bounty hunters, this could very well be a dream come true for me personally. It doesn’t hurt that Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte are starring in it either!

2. Picard- The forthcoming untitled Jean-Luc Picard series will boldly take Star Trek into a new era. Details are sparse, but it will be a thrill to see Patrick Stewart step back into the role again.

3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars- After being unceremoniously ditched after the Disney acquisition, the beloved animated series is miraculously continuing on once again on the upcoming Disney+.

4. The Twilight Zone- The original “The Twilight Zone” is and always will be one of the best TV series of all time, but the other iterations have had their moments. This new edition from the mind of Jordan Peele has me super intrigued.

5. Stranger Things- Since the second season debuted on October 27, 2017, the wait for the third season has proved to be an agonizing one. Thankfully, Netflix just announced a date for season three on the fourth of July. You can be sure everyone will be celebrating the holiday by binge watching some new “Stranger Things” episodes.

6. Game of Thrones- Who will live? Who will die? Who till take the Throne? Whatever happens, the hotly anticipated final season will surely be the biggest TV event of the year.

7. Rocketeer- I don’t care that this a Disney Junior animated series. I’m a HUGE Rocketeer fan and I’m just thrilled that the franchise is being resurrected for a new generation.

8. The Punisher- The first season delivered the ultimate screen version of the character and I can’t wait to see what Frank Castle is up to in season 2 (which is dropping sometime this month).

9. Watchmen- There’s a big question mark surrounding this series (especially with Damon Lindelof at the helm), but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to see how a comic book based HBO series turns out.

10. Cobra Kai- The first season topped my favorite shows of 2018. I have no idea if the second season will be the best around, but I’m certainly eager to see it.

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