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Top 10 Films Of 2018

Avengers MI Solo

2018 was a weird year for cinema. I saw a lot of rewarding indie films and documentaries, a few clunkers, plenty of good movies, and a number of deeply overhyped movies (I’m looking at you “A Star Is Born,” “Green Book,” and “Hereditary”). Much to my surprise the films from the first half of the year reigned supreme…and most of them were blockbusters! That is very uncommon to say the least. Of course, the back half of the year saw plenty of award worthy winners as well. Below I have posted my personal ten favorite films of the year along with a number of notables. As with every year, I haven’t seen everything just yet. I have a handful of titles left to see and if one or more of these films make a big impression on me I will update the list. Anyway, on with the list!

1. Ready Player One- I didn’t think Steven Spielberg still had it in him. For the most part, the famed director has been helming dramas and historical dramas over the past couple decades, but he went back to his blockbuster roots here. Not only did he make the adaptation of Ernest Cline’s novel his own, but he crafted a wild and thrilling cinematic adventure about technology, corporations (and corporate control), escapism, gaming, pop culture and freedom.

2. Black Panther- No film had a bigger impact this year than “Black Panther.” It was gamechanging in terms of what a comic film could be and it was groundbreaking from a cultural standpoint.

3. BlacKkKlansman- Spike Lee returns makes a triumphant return with this based on a true story film featuring powerhouse performances, relevant and hard hitting themes, and intense drama.

4. Avengers: Infinity War- An epic Marvel event film that somehow effortlessly juggled countless characters and delivered one of the most talked about endings in movie history.

5. Solo: A Star Wars Story- A woefully overlooked movie that was the victim of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” blowback, tough box office competition and poor marketing. It’s a shame because this is easily the most “Star Wars” movie of the Disney era.

6. Three Identical Strangers- A surprising, heartbreaking and emotional documentary. The less you know going in the better.

7. Love, Simon- This John Hughes esque coming-of-age romantic comedy-drama about a gay teen was a poignant and important piece of cinema.

8. Mission: Impossible- Fallout- One of the rare franchises that gets better with time. This sixth installment is the best to date thanks to the next level action sequences.

9. Bumblebee- Director Travis Knight breathed new life into the “Transformers” franchise with this charming and fun 80’s set adventure that boasts a stand-out human performance by Hailee Steinfeld.

10. Burning- A haunting, disturbing, and heartbreaking thriller. Steven Yeun delivers one of the year’s single best performances that should have garnered far more award attention.

Notables: “Stan And Ollie,” “The Sisters Brothers,” “Wildlife,” “Destroyer,” “22 July,” “First Man,” “Creed 2,” “Boy Erased,” “First Reformed,” “Quincy,” “The Night Comes For Us,” “Minding The Gap,” “Roma,” “Mid90s,” “Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters,” and “Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle.”


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