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Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection DVD Review


“Hey Arnold! The Ultimate Collection” DVD set really does have it all.

Back in the good old school Nickelodeon days, the network took risks and told unique, original stories that have stood the test of time. “Hey Arnold!” is one of those shows.

In this 99 episode animated series, viewers travel to the inner city and meet the titular star of the show- the football head Arnold. Arnold is a kid who lives with his grandparents at a boarding home. He has a big heart, he’s selfless, he helps others, he rights wrongs. Basically, he’s the type of role model kids should have. Of course, he’s not the only character in this show. There’s Arnold’s best pal Gerald, a girl who secretly loves him (Helga), the bully Harold, Phoebe (a friend of Helga) and other supporting characters such as Eugene, Olga, Rhonda, teachers, Stinky, Curly, Sid, Oskar and Suzie, Iggy, Patty and Ernie the demolition company employee.

Story wise, expect to see plots about school events, exploration, sports, Helga crushing on Arnold, bad weather, trips, families, Arnold’s pig Abner, Arnold meeting unique people, holidays, accidents, contests and competitions, weddings, Big Bob’s Beepers, classwork, a school play, and Arnold’s crush Lila. As an added bonus, both of the movies are included in this set. There’s the theatrical “Hey Arnold! The Movie” and “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie!”

As someone who grew up on 90’s Nickelodeon shows, “Hey Arnold!” was one that stood because it felt different than everything else in the cartoon realm. Not only did it capture the “day-in-the-life of being a kid” vibe, but it was also more grounded to an extent. It tackled real world subjects about friendship, family, jealousy, bullies, being used, not being wealthy, young love, etc. Moreover, the show really created a whole community of characters much in the way something like “The Simpsons” did. You felt like you lived there right with the characters.

In terms of the two movies, they aren’t as good as the series, but there’s still much to admire. The first film has a very retro 80’s plot of saving the neighborhood essentially but it all feels very slight. ‘The Jungle Movie,’ however, offers up a clear resolution to dangling plotlines. It feels like a proper wrap-up to the show although it could certainly continue down the line if that was ever to be an option.


Presentation: 4:3. How does it look? The episodes and the first film are presented as they were so don’t expect any kind of restoration. The new ‘Jungle Movie’ does looks the best here naturally as it’s recent.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Stereo for the series and 5.1 for the new movie. How do they sound? All the audio is adequate.

* The original “Hey Arnold!” pilot episode.
*A table read for “The Jungle Movie.”
* A claymation short titled “Arnold Escapes From Church.”
* An unboxing of physical Jungle Movie material.
* A look at how the characters are drawn called “Drawing Arnold.”

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