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Star Wars Adventures Issue 15 Comic Book Review


“Star Wars Adventures” keeps chugging along with issue 15.

In issue 15 of IDW’s “Star Wars Adventures” comic book series, there are two stories. The first is titled “An Unlikely Friendship” and it finds Poe and BB-8 on a seemingly hostile planet in search of a contact. They encounter a young boy on a rite of passage journey who manages to help the two. Writer James Gilarte has crafted a simple but poignant story about dreams and kindness, but it’s the combo of artist Mauricet and Charlie Kirchoff’s coloring work that really elevates the story. The two create a real sense of place and the aliens and creatures are colorful and well defined.

The second story is “Flight of the Falcon Part 2: The Planet of Misfit Droids.” In this entry, Bazine Netal asks a droid a story about the Falcon and the droid then recounts a story in which the Falcon landed on Lotho Minor. The planet is occupied by droids and their ruler Akar and Akar wants to steal the Falcon for himself. Who exactly is on board the Falcon at this time? Han, Chewie, Leia, Luke and Threepio.

Writer Michael Moreci is clearly hamstrung by what he was able to do here as this is a supremely short story. Just as it starts it ends which is a shame because more could have been done with both Akar and Lotho Minor. Thankfully, the art by Arianna Florean really shines here and is in many ways reminiscent of Disney hand drawn animated films.

Finally, the comic closes out with a “Dispatches From Wild Space” piece, a spotlight on Poe, a cover art gallery and IDW comic ads.

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