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Ranking The Doctors Of Doctor Who

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With the 13th Doctor era fast approaching (and a potential trailer dropping tomorrow from San Diego Comic-Con), “Doctor Who” is on my mind once again. Having already done a top 10 episode list, I figured it was probably time to do my ranking of the Doctors. I should note that this list is by no means set in stone. Since I like all of the Doctors, this list is constantly fluctuating. However, at this very moment, this is my personal ranking. On with the list!

1. Ninth Doctor- Christopher Eccleston may have only lasted one season, but he made a big impression. Not only was his take on The Doctor complex, but it was also what got me into the show 12 years ago when his season debuted on Sci-Fi Channel here in the U.S.

2. Sixth Doctor- While he may be the most divisive Doctor, I’m a big fan of Colin Baker’s 6th Doctor. Between his risky and challenging tenure on TV to his incredible work on the Big Finish audio dramas, Colin Baker brought a lot of depth to the beloved character.

3. Fourth Doctor- Scarves! Jelly Babies! Big smiles! For many fans, Tom Baker IS The Doctor and it’s hard to argue with that. He very much encapsulated the alien side of The Doctor and also had the biggest tenure in the role.

4. Tenth Doctor- David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor was easily the most popular since Tom Baker and for good reason. He was funny, quotable, had great chemistry with everyone, and, more importantly, he made the series just plain fun.

5. Third Doctor- The James Bond of Doctors. He may have been stuck on Earth a bit too much, but Jon Pertwee was cool, stylish, kind, and a bit of a bad-ass.

6. Eleventh Doctor- Following David Tennant is a tough gig for anyone, but Matt Smith quickly won over fans with his weird, delightful, and Fish Fingers and Custard loving Timelord.

7. Seventh Doctor- Secretive though he may be, Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor never quite gets the appreciation that he deserves. Not only did he and Ace make a great team together, but he truly made the character his own. You can’t imagine anyone else being this Doctor.

8. Second Doctor- If so many of his episodes weren’t lost or destroyed, it’s quite possible he’d be higher on the list. As is, Patrick Troughton’s whimsical and eccentric Doctor still resonates after all these years.

9. Twelfth Doctor- Despite being saddled with the often unbearable Clara and being written as two different characters basically (the series 8 and series 10 12th Doctors are very different), fan turned Doctor Peter Capaldi really shined from start to finish. Once again, I feel like his Doctor was very underappreciated as a lot of the 10th and 11th Doctor fans jumped ship during his run, but those who stuck with the show were greatly rewarded.

10. Eighth Doctor- His TV movie was, shall we say, less than impressive, but Paul McGann’s Doctor has soared elsewhere via the thrilling “The Night of the Doctor” short and his frequently superb work on the Big Finish audio dramas. I know I keep mentioning the Big Finish audio dramas, but if you’re a DW enthusiast, you really should seek them out!

11. War Doctor- John Hurt’s War Doctor is only this low because we unfortunately didn’t get to see more of him. Yes, he did some Big Finish audio dramas, but his sample size is small. Still, what we did get was arguably the most dark, brooding, tortured, but ultimately kind-hearted take on the character.

12. First Doctor- William Hartnell deserves all of the credit in the world for being the first actor to take on the character. His crotchety, grandfatherly Doctor was uniquely different from the others and he was obviously instrumental in helping give birth to a now classic sci-fi franchise. Given that the series was in its infancy at this point, however, the character didn’t quite have as much depth as he did later on. I would like to give a special shoutout to David Bradley as the First Doctor as he was incredible in both the series and the docudrama “An Adventure In Space And Time.”

13. Fifth Doctor- While Peter Davison’s Doctor is arguably the most charming and sporty, his era was hampered by too many companions (many of which are some of the most irritating characters) and some of the worst episodes of the entire series run.


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