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Star Trek: Discovery- Succession Issue 1 Comic Book Review


“Star Trek: Discovery- Succession” is off to a rollicking start.

Set after the events of season 1, the mirror universe set “Star Trek: Discovery- Succession” focuses on the aftermath of what took place in the season finale of DISCO. Among the storylines fans can expect from this issue, staff changes on board the I.S.S. Shenzhou, a new Emperor that takes over for Georgiou’s absence, rebels (such as L’Rell) working on plans of attack against the xenophobic Terran Empire, a planned uprising against the new Emperor, and a few surprise appearances by characters that will no doubt have their own storyline in future issues.

After season 1 came to a close, there were many questions raised in terms of what the future held for the mirror universe. While it’s possible the mirror universe could pop up again in the TV series, it seems doubtful that will happen anytime soon. In the meantime, fans are fortunate enough to have IDW’s “Star Trek: Discovery- Succession” comic book series to explore the mirror universe further. And explore it it does. Writers Kristen Beyer and Mike Johnson pack in a lot of story into the debut issue making it feel longer than it really is (that’s a good thing). More often than not, the first issue of a comic series feels like it’s over in an instant giving viewers the feeling that there wasn’t much there. That’s not the case here as there are multiple key storylines flowing together here. I could go into more spoiler details, but where’s the fun in that? What I will say is that characters are regrouping and that big changes are brewing. Suffice it to say, I’m hooked and I am looking forward to delving into the mirror universe even more (especially since it was one of the many highlights of DISCO).

As for the art by Angel Hernandez, it’s serviceable. The drawings resemble the characters but the art isn’t likely going to wow you. I actually think the color work by Mark Roberts helps it tremendously.

The comic concludes with an interview with Angel Hernandez as well as the usual IDW comic ads.


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