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Ninja 3: The Domination – Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review


“Ninja 3: The Domination” is a crazy cult 80’s movie.

In this sequel to “Enter The Ninja” and “Revenge of the Ninja,” an exercise teacher and telephone repairwoman (Christie) becomes possessed by the spirit of an evil ninja. In her possessed form, Christie takes revenge against those that killed the ninja within her. Can Christie return back to normal with the help of a few allies?

“Ninja 3: The Domination” is the type of movie that is so bad it’s good…although what else would you expect from a Cannon Films release? There are so many bad movie gems within their catalogue. This particular movie is pure over-the-top 80’s cheese. It has everything you could want from a ninja plus other things you’d never expect to see in a film, well, ever. On the action front, there’s numerous set pieces here including a massacre at a golf course and a sequence at a cemetery. On the weird front, expect to see some wild moments that include a V8 sex scene, an arcade machine with lasers, a floating sword, an exploding gun from a blow dart, and an “The Exorcist” inspired scene. And that’s not even everything! I told you this movie was weird!

Note: Look for this title to be released on June 12, 2018.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? This new print received a 4K scan from original film elements and the difference is clear. This is a definite upgrade from the previous release. The image quality is so much sharper.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The audio quality is still over the place. The ADR work and sound FX are ridiculous, the score comes through clear, and the dialogue is soft at times. Make of that as you will.

Extras: Having previously been released on Blu-ray 5 years ago with minimal extras, this “Collector’s Edition” set includes many extra features such as: A theatrical trailer, a behind-the-scenes gallery, a still photo gallery, separate interviews with stars Lucinda Dickey and Jordan Bennett and producer/stuntman Alan Amiel, a “Trailers From Hell” segment by Josh Olson, a commentary by Sam Firstenberg and Steve Lambert (from the first Blu-ray release) and isolated score selections and audio interviews with Misha Segal and Elliot Ellentuck.

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