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The Rake DVD Review


“The Rake” is a horror bore.

“The Rake” begins with a serial killer (Jacob) murdering the parents of two young children (Ben and Ashley) to allegedly appease a monster known as the Rake. The film then jumps forward in time in which we see that a mentally damaged Ashley is staying with a married couple that includes her sister Nicole and her husband Andrew. Ben and his girlfriend Michelle and Andy’s friend Jeremy come into the picture later for a get together. However, the family reunion is not a happy one as Ashley is starting to see things and freak out that the Rake might be within her. Worse still, bad things begin to happen to this group of people. Is there really a monster or is something else going on?

Based on the Creepypasta story, 2018’s “The Rake” could have been a chilling creature feature, but instead turns out to be another forgettable indie horror film. From the first 30 minutes, it becomes quite evident that the movie just isn’t clicking. Writers Jeremy Silva and Tony Wash spend an inordinate amount of time crafting scenes with characters talking to one another without ever really developing them or even making them likable. Most of the time the characters are either annoying or doing something moronic which doesn’t make you care about them or their fate.

The biggest letdown, however, is that the Rake itself is barely explored. Why wasn’t the mythology of the creature explored more in the story? Why is it resurfacing all of these years later? How does it possess a person so to speak? The movie is riddled with unanswered questions and plot holes like that.

Since this is a horror film, one would think that it would at least be scary, but that’s not the case. The majority of the film has a psychological horror vibe and a clichéd and boring one at that. You keep hoping something will happen in the scant 78 minute runtime. It’s only in the end that the creature appears, but even then we don’t get to see enough of it.


Presentation: 2.40:1. How does it look? This competently shot film gets a solid standard definition transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? The audio quality for this film is so-so. The 5.1 track can only do so much with it.

The lone extra is a trailer for ‘The Rake.”

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