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Star Trek: Discovery- The Light Of Kahless Issue 1 Comic Book Review


The first issue of “Star Trek: Discovery- The Light Of Kahless” falls flat.

With the first season of “Star Trek: Discovery” having come to a close, the reactions from Trekkies and Trekkies was a bit divisive. Some felt it was too dark and didn’t capture the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s vision while others embraced what the new series had to offer. Personally, my thoughts aligned with the later. I found it to be a refreshing change of pace for the franchise. It managed to be something new while also paying tribute to what came before. For fans wanting to learn more about these characters, IDW Comics has swooped in by releasing a couple of new DISCO comic releases as of late. The first release is “Star Trek: Discovery- The Light of Kahless” #1.

Written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson, the comic takes place after the Battle of the Binary Stars and revolves entirely around the Klingons. The main set-up of this arc involves L’Rell telling Voq a story about T’Kuvma’s past. Obviously, we know what becomes of T’Kuvma in the show, but the writers inform us (the readers) about his childhood on Qo’nos, the House of Girjah, the ship he was on, his brother, his growth, the importance of Kahless and his overall journey.

Of all of the stories you could tell in the DISCO universe, this is a bit of an odd one to start with. Sure, IDW is probably limited in the type of stories they can tell given that the series has just started and has much to explore, but it’s still an odd choice. Regardless, this T’Kuvma centric story now exists. If you were bored by the Klingon material on DISCO, this comic certainly won’t appeal to you. If you liked it or are a big fan of the Klingons, it still might not appeal to you. The problem with this first issue is that it lacks intrigue, action, and drama. While more insight into the character is welcomed, it is presented in a less than entertaining fashion. On top of that, the writing is just…not very “Star Trek.” Case in point- “Gah! This bloodwine tastes like Targ piss.” That’s just one of a number of cringe worthy lines.

The art by Tony Shasteen is mixed. The characters are sometimes unevenly portrayed on the page and the backgrounds and environment are underwhelming. Thankfully colorist J.D. Mettler masks the shortcomings with some impressive work.

The comic closes out with IDW Comic ads and an “Open Channels” piece featuring an interview with artist Josh Hood about his work on Trek comics.

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