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Star Wars: The Mighty Chewbacca In The Forest Of Fear! Book Review


“Star Wars: The Mighty Chewbacca In The Forest Of Fear!” is a fun-filled adventure.

Written by Tom Angleberger, “Star Wars: The Mighty Chewbacca In The Forest Of Fear!” brings together an unexpected combination of characters- Chewbacca, tooka cats, Mayv (a bounty hunter/librarian), and K-2SO. How and why are these characters teaming up? Well, they each have their reasons for being on 1 mission together, but I won’t spoil that. Instead, I will say they are all housed on board a cargo ship heading to a hostile forest planet named Ushruu where they must find a special book for the devious Alinka Aloo.

This is the type of “Star Wars” book I like to see. Even though it is aimed at a younger audience, Tom Angleberger manages to create a fast paced story complete with characterization, intrigue, danger, humor, a few neat and cute illustrations provided by artist Andie Tong, and more references and tie-ins to films and series than you might expect. On top of that, the force actually even comes into play here in a surprising fashion. While the story itself can get repetitious at times due to the heroes running into dangerous things on Ushruu numerous times, that doesn’t take away from the joy within these pages.

What really makes this book so rewarding, however, is the character work. Tom Angleberger really gets these characters and captures them well. Their interactions together are the heart of the book. Chewbacca is well, Chewbacca here, and K-2SO feels just like he did in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” complete with his rude and carefree attitude. The major new character Mayv is also well constructed here. She’s a fully developed character that I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of. Of course, there are other characters pop up, but again, I’m not here to spoil the surprises.

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