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Soul On A String DVD Review


“Soul on A String” is lacking in many aspects.

After being brought back from the dead from a sacred stone he found, a wanderer/mountain man named Tabei ventures forth on a redemptive and important quest to deliver the stone to the Land of the Lotus Master. Joining him on his quest are a young woman (Chung) and a mute boy who plays guitar (Pu). Alas, the quest through the wilderness is not a simple one as two brothers seeking revenge against Tabei are on his tail along with a mysterious man and his dog. Of course, those are only some of the troubles Tabei faces.

“Soul On A String” deserves kudos for its ambitions as a film that is part cultural and spiritual journey and part western (specifically classic westerns). Unfortunately, the journey (and the writing) leaves much to be desired. The film is overlong, the plot never digs deep enough, the characters lack depth, and there’s no real closure. Ultimately, it’s a curious but unfulfilling journey.

One thing that will not disappoint viewers is the cinematography. Between the breathtaking location shooting and the picturesque long shots, Daming Guo’s cinematography is the clear star of the film.


Presentation: 2.35:1. How does it look? The gorgeous cinematography looks stunning even in standard definition.

Audio Tracks: Tibetan 5.1 and 2.0 Tracks. How do they sound? Both tracks are quality audio tracks.

Extras: Film Movement trailers and a short film titled “The Rifle, The Jackal, The Wolf And The Boy” about two brothers using a rifle without permission.

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