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Permanent Blu-ray Review


“Permanent” will likely have a permanent spot in the bargain bin.

After the Dickson family moves to a town in Virginia in 1982, the entire family has to start a fresh new life all while trying to remain a family. You see, things aren’t exactly great with the Dickson family. Jeanne (the mother) is unhappy with life and wants more, Jim (the father) is going to college to work on a new career but is generally grouchy about his circumstances in life, and Aurelie (the daughter) has to deal with bad hair, no friends, and bullies. Can the family work through their problems and dysfunctions and find peace again?

On paper, “Permanent” looks like it could be a n entertaining quirky story about family and life, but it didn’t turn out that way in the final product. Instead, what we get is a largely irritating “comedy.” I say comedy in quotes as every bit of humor lands with an embarrassing thud. Writer/director Colette Burson simply tries way too hard here and it shows on screen.

Burson also tries to cram too much story in which causes “Permanent” to be unfocused. It tries to be 4 films in one. It tries to be a story about appearances, it tries to be a coming-of-age tale, it tries to be a story of characters starting anew, and it tries to be a story about family. Had it focused on one element, it might have worked. The coming-of-age story in particular had real potential. As a whole though, it’s just a jumbled mess. Worst of all, the characters just aren’t likable as all they do is whine. I’m not exaggerating when I say the movie is 70% whining. You just want everyone to shut up and work through their problems so you don’t have to hear from them again.

Despite a talented cast, the two stars (Rainn Wilson and Patricia Arquette) are not at their best here. Arquette looks entirely disinterested. It’s a shame she isn’t being offered better work after giving her career best work in “Boyhood.” Rainn Wilson also seems to be slumming it here. The only two cast members who impress are Kira McLean as Aurelie and Nena Daniels as Lydia. Honestly, the movie would have been far more interesting had it strictly revolved around these two characters and their friendship. They are the best part of the entire film.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? A decent hi-def transfer. No more, no less.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The track is a bit on the soft side but it does the job.

Extras: * Magnolia trailers and “Permanent” trailer * 6 minutes of deleted and alternate scenes * “Virginia is For Lovers”- Rainn Wilson stars in this Virginia ad. * “Getting Permanent With Rainn Wilson”- Rainn Wilson talks about the film while clips are being played.

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