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Goosebumps: Download And Die! Issue 1 Comic Book Review


R.L. Stine this is not.

After the hit-and-miss “Goosebumps: Monsters At Midnight” mini-series, IDW is back with another new series titled “Goosebumps: Download And Die!” In this mini-series, writer Jen Vaughn creates a largely school centric story about three female pals/gamers (Mitra, Kyra and Flips). While there are other slight story elements, the main story involves Mitra’s phone getting broken and her getting a brand new phone mysteriously from an unknown person. Even though the phone is creepy, she decides to use it. In typical “Goosebumps” fashion, this is no ordinary phone as it appears to have features with real world consequences.

Having grown up with the “Goosebumps” books in the 90’s, the work and style of R.L. Stine is forever engrained in my memory. When it comes to other writers dabbling in the “Goosebumps” universe in comic form, it just feels off. Jen Vaughn really struggles right out of the gate here with corny dialogue, a rough story construction, a lack of suspense, and a really sluggish introduction to the characters and story. The first issue of any comic book series should grab reader’s attention. It should make them want to read future issues. The first issue of “Download And Die!” doesn’t do that at all.

The art by Michelle Wong is also rather lacking. The character models are fine, but the background work is really minimal and bland.

Overall Thoughts: Despite a promising idea, the execution simply isn’t there with this debut issue.

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