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Star Wars Adventures Issue 5 Comic Book Review


The fifth issue of “Star Wars Adventures” delivers more lighthearted entertainment.

The fifth issue of “Star Wars Adventures” kicks off with the second part of “The Trouble At Tibrin.” The story (which was written by Landry Q. Walker) finds Leia setting aside her important meeting with the Kalikeedan to don an Imperial disguise in order to sneak aboard a Star Destroyer to rescue Luke. Naturally, the Ishi Tib storyline comes back into play at some point. As you can probably tell from the plot synopsis, the story is basically a role reversal of “A New Hope” with Leia rescuing Luke. There’s also a few other callbacks as well. The art by Eric Jones is a bit cartoony but the characters are well defined which is what matters most.

The second story is “Tales From Wild Space: The Best Pet” by writer Delilah S. Dawson who previously penned the “Phasma” novel. In this short story, Emil wonders if there is a creature cuter than a Kowakian Monkey- Lizard and Crater proceeds to tell him about the Porgs. On the page we see a story about Porgs on board the Millennium Falcon causing trouble, but the actual narrated tale finds Crater giving a sort of factoid lesson about the birdlike creatures. It’s a very cutesy story about the beloved alien creatures as you can probably tell. The art by Arianna Florean compliments the story quite well given that it is done in a cartoonish comic style.

The comic concludes with the usual cover art gallery, IDW comic ads and the “Dispatches From Wild Space” piece. This one contains Emil answering a letter and a blurb about Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Overall Thoughts: Both stories are fluffy to be sure, but they are also enjoyable escapist reads. I certainly prefer this issue to the last couple.

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