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Love Beats Rhymes DVD Review


“Love Beats Rhymes” starts strong, but ends with a whimper.

RZA (of Wu-Tang Clan fame) steps away from the martial arts genre to direct this NY set drama that revolves around a battle rapper (Coco) who is trying to pursue a musical career. While waiting for her big break, Coco’s mother persuades her to finish college. After some confrontations with the teacher (Professor Dixon) and her TA (Derek) in regards to hip hop being poetry, Coco learns more about poetry and finding her voice. She also begins to develop a romance with Derek which may or may not turn out how she hoped. On top of that, Coco continues to pursue a music career but faces many obstacles along the way including her own music partners.

“Love Beats Rhymes” starts out as an appealing and heartfelt story about following dreams, finding yourself, education, poetry, love, and meaningful hip hop, but the film shifts directions and becomes more of a standard romance. While the story does focus on growth and learning from start to finish in a non preachy way, it is overshadowed by the romance between Coco and Derek which bogs down the interesting elements of the script. At the start, it felt like the story would have initially had a main storyline involving the teacher and TA guiding Coco on the right path, but the teacher angle doesn’t go where you’d think. Instead, the Coco finding love storyline is shoved down our throats which is the least interesting thing happening in this movie. It’s simply too generic.

Where the film does succeed is with the ensemble cast which includes musicians like Common, Jill Scott, Azealia Banks, Method Man and actors such as Lucien Laviscount and Hana Mae Lee. Everyone certainly elevates the material especially Azealia Banks who impresses in her first major film role.


Presentation: 2.40:1. How does it look? The standard definition transfer is sharp.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? An effective track.

Extras: Lionsgate trailers, 2 Battle Rap Outtakes, Common and Jill Scott spoken word poem readings, and 9 poem performances.

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