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The Gumball Rally Blu-ray Review


“The Gumball Rally” is pure entertainment.

The Story: A business exec (Mr. Bannon) puts on an illegal no-rules race known as the Gumball Rally which begins in New York and ends in Long Beach. Bannon himself is a contestant in the race along with a teacher, cops, wives, retired old men, a stunt driver, an Italian racecar driver, a car delivery person, and an eccentric motorcyclist. Hot on their trails is a devoted cop named Roscoe who will stop at nothing to catch the criminal racers. Who will do whatever it takes to win? That would be telling.

The phrase “they don’t make them like this anymore” can be overused nowadays, but it certainly applies to this 1976 car racing movie. Much like films such as “The Great Race,” “The Gumball Rally” is simple and fun Hollywood entertainment that boasts a big cast (which contains the likes of Gary Busey and Raul Julia), eclectic characters, zany humor, destruction, car chases (including one on the L.A. River!), accidents, near accidents, police run ins, a run in with bikers, and a good dose of cheeseball music.

Now, does the film have much depth or contain much in the way of characterization? No, but that’s ok for a film like this. It knows what it is and it delivers in that department. Would it have been perhaps more engaging if the race had more stakes or if more was made about who finished when? Maybe, but there’s something endearing in this cynical age about a race being done for mere thrills and enjoyment. Again, it’s nothing something you see nowadays.


Presentation: 2.4:1 1080p. How does it look? I was really impressed with the clarity of this transfer. Fans of the film are sure to be pleased.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? It doesn’t sound like a 2.0 track which is the highest compliment I could give it. There’s a lot going on here audio wise from roaring engines to crashes.

The lone extra is a trailer for “The Gumball Rally.”

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