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Blood Feast Blu-ray Review

Blood Feast

“Blood Feast” is pure B-movie horror.

Shot and directed by the “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis, “Blood Feast” is a 1963 B-movie horror film that is known as the first splatter film. The story revolves around a caterer (Fuad Ramses) who is also a deranged killer that is hacking up young women and collecting certain body parts. One day a woman named Mrs. Fremont enters Ramses’ place of business and is looking for an unusual dinner for her daughter Suzette. Ramses recommends a rare authentic Egyptian feast which is, in reality, a nasty Egyptian cult ritual. While all of this is going on, the police (namely Detective Pete) are investigating the murders and trying to piece together the clues to find the sick murderer. Can Ramses be stopped before the feast/ritual?

From a pure filmmaking standpoint, the short and simple “Blood Feast” can be painful to watch. The acting is bad (and I mean BAD), there are little to no production values, the score is irritatingly repetitious, the camera barely moves, there are conveniences galore, and the dialogue is stiff. It’s definitely what you would expect a low budget B-movie horror film to be.

As flawed as this gory movie is, however, you have to give it credit for creating the splatter subgenre. Are splatter films for everyone? Absolutely not, but the horror subgenre has deeply passionate fans who can’t get enough of gore, guts, and scares. Also, whatever skills Herschell Gordon Lewis may lack as a filmmaker, he is still a pioneer in this field and there’s something curious about watching his DIY filmmaking spirit. It feels dirty and grungy and uniquely his own. For those reasons alone, “Blood Feast” warrants a watch for horror fans and those with a strong stomach.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? This is a deeply impressive transfer. The colors are shockingly crisp looking.

Audio Track: LPCM Mono. How does it sound? This track is unlikely to wow anyone, but it does the job well enough.

Extras: * An intro by Herschell Gordon Lewis for “Blood Feast” and “Scum of the Earth.” * “Blood Feast” trailer, radio spot, and theater announcement. * Trailers for “The Adventures of Lucky Pierre,” “Three Bares,” and “Bell, Bare and Beautiful.” * 45 minutes of “Blood Feast” outtakes. Almost as long as the film itself! * “Carving Magic”- A cheesy 1959 short film starring Bill Kerwin. * A laidback 1987 interview with Herschell Gordon Lewis and David F. Friedman. The two talk about exploitation films, their careers and filmography. * “Herschell’s History”- A 2007 interview with the director in which he talks about his life and career. * “Scum Clean Scenes”- Edited and redshot scenes intended for the clean version of the film “Scum of the Earth.” * “How Herschell Found His Niche”- A newly shot 7 minute interview with Herschell Gordon Lewis * “Blood Perspectives”- Directors Nicholas McCarthy and Rodney Ascher talk about “Blood Feast” and Herschell Gordon Lewis. * An informative “Blood Feast” commentary by Mike Vraney, Herschell Gordon Lewis and David F. Friedman. * Last, but not least is the biggest extra feature on this set which is the Herschell Gordon Lewis film “Scum of the Earth.” It’s a very amateur B&W thriller about blackmail, modeling, and criminals, but it’s interesting to see nonetheless.

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