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Bushwick Blu-ray Review


“Bushwick” is admirable, but poorly executed.

While at a subway station with her boyfriend, Lucy’s life becomes a living hell when her boyfriend is abruptly killed AND she finds herself caught in the middle of a war zone in her neighborhood (Bushwick, NY). Is it a terrorist attack? An invasion? An uprising? It is unknown at this time. Out on her own, she meets a former Marine named Stupe and decides to stick with him in order to survive, find their families, and find out what is going on.

“Bushwick” is the type of indie film that is both frustrating and intriguing. Filmmaking wise, Lyle Vincent’s cinematography is easily the most impressive aspect of the entire film. Between his long shots and tracking shots, his work manages to transport you into the intense messed up situation. Equally worthy of praise is the location shooting here which gives the film a real sense of place and realism.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie doesn’t quite measure up. The screenplay by Nick Damici and Graham Reznick proposes a politically relevant what if? scenario (which I won’t spoil), but it is not so well thought out and is, frankly, a bit absurd. The ending in particular feels like a colossal misstep in that it makes you wonder why you bothered to watch it all to begin with. Aside from Dave Bautista (who is the clear highlight), the cast is downright atrocious. Brittany Snow is miscast and unconvincing in every frame as are the extras and cast members. The FX are downright ghastly and more than a little distracting during big dramatic moments.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? A transfer worthy of a B+. In other words, it’s a good one.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This DTS track does the sound justice.

Extras include a DVD copy, RLJ Entertainment trailers, poster, photo, and behind the scenes photo galleries, and a 7 1/2 minute making of featurette that includes plot discussions, interviews, and more.

Overall Thoughts: “Bushwick” gets points for trying, but ultimately, it falls apart. It might be worth a rent for those that are curious about the story.

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