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Star Trek: Discovery- Desperate Hours Book Review


“Star Trek: Discovery- Desperate Hours” is a fine prequel to the latest Trek series.

Set 1 year before the pilot episode of “Star Trek: Discovery,” “Desperate Hours” begins with a drilling rig disaster that has apparently been caused by a giant ancient alien ship dubbed the Juggernaut. After this event, small alien drone ships are released from the Juggernaut and begin attacking the capital city of Sirsa 3. Even though the colony is independent of the Federation, they are in need of Starfleet’s help. This is where the starship Shenzhou comes to the rescue. They have been tasked with investigating the alien ships and helping the colony. The Shenzhou isn’t the only ship who is helping out here as a certain famous starship also arrives on the scene to deal with the situation. Is there an alien threat? Is it all a big misunderstanding? Is Sirsa 3 covering up something big? Whatever the case may be, Starfleet is poised to make tough decisions in light of escalating circumstances in which time is very much of the essence.

At the time of this review, only the first 4 episodes of “Star Trek: Discovery” have been released. Having seen them all, it is, dare I say, “fascinating” to see how well author David Mack captures 3 primary characters of the series (Captain Georgiou, Saru, and Michael Burnham). Not only does he dig in to the issues between Saru and Burnham, but he also explores the bond between Georgiou and Burnham. The book even digs into certain aspects of their past including Burnham’s promotion, Saru’s species the Kelpien, and Burnham’s past and time on Vulcan with Sarek and his family. While I won’t spoil who else shows up here, there are other familiar faces from past Trek series that are also expertly written. Suffice it to say, the character oriented moments are easily Mack’s strong suits.

In terms of the actual story, it’s hit-and-miss. In the first half of the novel, Mack grabs your attention by setting up the central story, injecting several mysteries and creating intense conflicts. Unfortunately, the story loses steam in the second half during the “trials,” the tension between the starship Captains, and the Sirsa 3 criminals. It feels a bit like Mack is killing time before the finale which, sadly, wraps up much too neatly and quickly. With that said, the novel’s journey is well worth embarking for the characterization and delightful fanservice alone.

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