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Kismet DVD Review

Kismet DVD

“Kismet” is a solid Vincente Minnelli musical.

In the 1955 film “Kismet” (which was adapted from the Broadway show), the story revolves around a broke and hungry poet and his daughter Marsinah. To get into the eventful story would be spoiling far too much but, expect to see the plot involving an old thief looking for his son, the villainous Wazir, the powerful Caliph falling for Marsinah, Wazir’s wife having eyes for the poet, coincidences, false wizardry, money and more. Seeing how it all ties together is part of the fun.

Aside from the shameless whitewashing and depictions of slavery, “Kimset” is a pretty solid old Hollywood Vincente Minnelli musical that you don’t often hear about. Sure, the story has shades of “One Thousand and One Nights” (AKA the story “Aladdin” was based on), but the well written script by Edward Knoblock and Charles Lederer offers up plenty of engaging characters and subplots that separate itself from familiar stories. The film also benefits from being a rather lavish spectacle filled with great sets and intricate costumes.

Cast wise, there is one actor here who steals the entire movie and that is Howard Keel. He is absolutely charming as the broke poet. Everytime he is on screen he makes the movie infinitely better.

Strangely, the one aspect of this musical that doesn’t really make an impression is the soundtrack. While the songs are by no means poor, none of them stick with you. They’re just kind of there. It’s a bummer as better tunes would have no doubt elevated the movie more.


Presentation: 2.4:1. How does it look? Even on DVD the colorful Cinemascope goodness looks stunning. This transfer is first rate. Note: This title is also available on Blu-ray from Warner Archive.

Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 and 5.0. How do they sound? Viewers will not be disappointed by the lively audio.

Extras: * A theatrical trailer for “Kismet” and a trailer for the 1944 version. * A partially deleted outtake for “Rahadlakum” and an audio outtake for “Rhymes Have I.” * Excerpts from episodes 12 and 14 of MGM Parade TV with George Murphy. * “The First Bad Man”- A western-caveman Tex Avery Cartoon. * “The Battle Of Gettysburg”- A half-hour documentary about the Civil War battle.

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