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10 Most Anticipated San Diego Comic Con 2017 Panels


Now that the full schedule has been released, it’s time to start hypothesizing about what we will see from San Diego Comic Con this year. While I won’t be attending the Con myself, I will (as per usual) be monitoring all of the news from geek mecha with bated breath. Below I have listed my personal list of the most anticipated panels. Obviously, there are other panels I will be keeping my eye on, but these 10 are the ones that I am most looking forward to reading and or hearing about. On with the list!

  1. Star Trek: Discovery- After a long 12 year break, “Star Trek” is finally going back to where it belongs- the small screen. Will we learn more details about the debut season? Will there be a new trailer? It seems logical.


  1. Doctor Who- It may be a stretch, but this panel could very well reveal who will be the 13th Doctor. Update: Obviously the announcement has already happened now, but maybe Jodie Whittaker will make a con appearance?


  1. Marvel Studios- Personally, I’m hoping to see an “Avengers: Infinity War” trailer and perhaps some more tidbits about Phase 4 (although that probably won’t happen).


  1. Warner Bros.- “Aquaman” and “Ready Player One” trailers? New DC film release date announcements? Who knows what treasures await us here. This is easily the most intriguing panel of the entire Con.


  1. Twin Peaks- I have no idea what will happen at this panel. Anything could happen. This is “Twin Peaks” after all.


  1. Marvel’s Defenders- The more we hear about this hotly anticipated series the better. Perhaps Netflix and Marvel will reveal more about other series including The Punisher as well?


  1. Mystery Science Theater 3000- Honestly, I’m just hoping they announce the series has been renewed for another season. I can’t believe we haven’t heard anything yet.


  1. Shout/Scream Factory- In what has become a tradition now, Shout Factory and Scream Factory will be announcing numerous upcoming Blu-ray and DVD releases. Can’t wait to hear what they unveil.


  1. Lucasfilm Publishing- Will we get more “Star Wars” book announcements? Let’s hope so.


10. Happy- SyFy doesn’t exactly have the best track record, but I’m curious to see footage of this show based on Grant Morrison’s comic book series.


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