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The X-Files: Funko Universe One-Shot Comic Book Review


“The X-Files: Funko Universe” is a silly but entertaining read.

IDW Publishing has teamed with the insanely popular toy company Funko to create a strange crossover one-shot comprised of 4 short stories. These are not normal serious and dark “The X-Files” stories, however, as they are all cutesy, comical, and more than a little gimmicky.

The first story is titled “To Believe, Or Not To Believe.” Artist Pamela Lovas and writer Derek Fridolfs’ tale is an amusing piece that illustrates the differences between Mulder and Scully while also mocking Scully’s unwillingness to believe.

Next up is “You Are What You Eat” which was penned by Mike Raicht and drawn by Charles Paul Wilson III. This is a dialogue free story involving Mulder and Scully investigating aliens. It’s very basic storywise, but I dig the colorful and unique art style of this one.

Number three is writer Matthew Dow Smith and artist Chris Fenoglio’s “Escape From Space Mountain.” It’s a very tongue-in-cheek story of Mulder breaking into Area 51 ½. This is an enjoyable story that playfully pokes fun at the series and the characters. It’s also the most comedic.

Last up is the much too short “Sasquatch On The Set” by writer Denton J. Tipton and artist Troy Little. Honestly, there is not much to this Bigfoot centric comic. Mulder and Scully look for Bigfoot, there’s a twist, the end. It needed more pages.

Note: IDW and Funko ads have been included.

Overall Thoughts: As a one-shot, “The X-Files: Funko Universe” is harmless entertaining that may appeal to fans of X-Files and Funko. If you like your X-Files to be more serious, skip this one.

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