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Broken Arrow Blu-ray Review

Broken Arrow

“Broken Arrow” is a quality western film.

Set in 1870, “Broken Arrow” begins with a former Union soldier (Tom Jeffords) searching for gold. While out on his adventures, he saves an Apache boy’s life. Shortly thereafter, he encounters Cochise and other Apache Indians who are surprised by his actions given that they are at war with white men. Due to his actions, they decide to let him go. To make a long story short, the rest of the film finds Tom deciding to learn more about the Apache people, Tom falling for an Indian woman (Sonseeahray), and Tom eventually brokering deals for mail riders and a peace treaty. The question is- can peace be made between the two warring factions?

Unlike many disposable western films of the era, the 1950 film “Broken Arrow” is not a cowboys vs. Indians story that villianizes Native Americans or depicts them with sickening racist stereotypes. Instead, it shows Native Americans in a different light than usual when it comes to classic films as it not only primarily focuses on their customs and culture, but largely does so in a respectful manner. Personally, I found this to be really refreshing given how repetitious and interchangeable a lot of westerns used to be. It also certainly made the film more interesting.

The rest of the film is also quite rewarding. The film boasts some really dark and gutsy scenes of violence that felt ahead of their time, picturesque Technicolor cinematography by Ernest Palmer (which was justifiably nominated for an Academy Award), and great central performances by the always reliable James Stewart and the underrated Jeff Chandler as Cochise (who also earned an Academy Award nomination for his performance).


Presentation: 1.33:1 1080p. How does it look? The 2k restoration is largely stunning. The Technicolor looks absolutely glorious.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The sweeping score, action, and dialogue is crisp and clear.

* Trailers for “Broken Arrow,” “No Highway In The Sky,” “Ten Seconds To Hell,” and “Tales of Terror.”
* The very brief “Fox Movietone News: Broken Arrow Ceremony” involves cast and crew of the movie at 2 separate ceremonies.

Overall Thoughts: If you’re like me and hadn’t seen “Broken Arrow” or are indeed a big fan of this western, pick up this Blu-ray.


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