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Wolf Guy Blu-ray Review


“Wolf Guy” never quite comes together.

To describe the plot of “Wolf Guy” would not only be spoiling the weirdness, but also rather difficult given how convoluted the story. Suffice it to say, I’m not going to get into it too much. I will say the film (which is based on a manga) revolves around Akira Inugami who happens to be the sole survivor of an ancient clan of werewolves. After witnessing a freakish murder, Akira does some investigating on his own. He is soon led to a series of strange occurrences involves deaths by an invisible tiger, the yakuza, a drug addict, politicians, a secret organization, a former singer (Miki) with a seriously messed up back story, and more.

At first glance, 1975’s “Wolf Guy” seems like it could be a fun Japanese cult movie that is loaded with oddities, bloody action, Sonny Chiba fight scenes, sex, and some of the funkiest music you will ever hear. As weird as the movie is, however, it’s never as enjoyable or coherent as it should be.

The primary reason “Wolf Guy” never quite connects is that it never seems sure of what it wants to be. Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? Is it a dark noir? Is it an action movie? Is it a werewolf movie? I don’t know and I don’t think director Kazuhiko Yamaguchi knows either as the movie is tonally all over the place. The tone certainly isn’t helped by the fact that the movie’s last 20 minutes feel like they are from another movie entirely. It’s all just a jumbled mess. Granted, it’s a fascinating one with the bizarre elements that are thrown in there, but it’s a jumbled mess nonetheless.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? While the print has been cleaned up, it still appears grainy and wavy at times. Overall, I would say it’s passable.

Audio Track: Japanese Uncompressed Mono. How does it sound? The audio fairs better here with a crisp Mono track.

* DVD copy.
* “Wolf Guy” trailer.
*  booklet featuring credits, pictures, and essays by author Patrick Macias and writer Jasper Sharp.
* “Kazuhiko Yamaguchi: Movies With Guts”- A new interview with the “Wolf Guy” director who talks about his career, “Wolf Guy,” Sonny Chiba, etc.
* “Sonny Chiba: A Life In Action, Vol. 1”- An enlightening interview with Sonny Chiba who talks about his filmography, action movies, acting, and more.
* “Toru Yoshida: B-Movie Master”- The Toei producer shares his thoughts on producing, his career, talent he worked with, and a whole lot more.

Overall Thoughts: While the film’s sheer weirdness warrant a rent, “Wolf Guy” comes off as rather underwhelming when it’s all over and done with.


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