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Underworld: Blood Wars Blu-ray Review


“Underworld: Blood Wars” will appeal to fans of the franchise.

In “Underworld: Blood Wars,” we find Selene is being hunted by Vampires and Lycans. The Vampires want her dead for the death of some of their own and the Lycans want her to pinpoint the location of her daughter  whose blood possesses a special power. With Lycan forces growing stronger under Marius, the Vampires reluctantly strike a deal with Selene to help train their forces. Alas, nothing is as it seems amidst power struggles, back stabbing, twists and turns, and so on. The only person Selene can trust is the vampire David (who has his own journey in this film).

After I watched the forgettable first “Underworld” film so many years ago, I had no desire to bother with the sequels. With the fifth installment titled “Underworld: Blood Wars,” it turns out it doesn’t even matter that I haven’t seen the sequels as it not only recaps the key events of the series, but is filled with constant exposition. So how does this new installment fare? It’s pretty much in line with what I saw before in that it does nothing for me personally.

Perhaps it’s because it’s the fifth installment but ‘Blood Wars’ feels tired, outdated, and, frankly, boring. By now we’ve seen so many supernatural soap operas with sex appeal and action that it feels like old hat. It doesn’t help that the film is plagued with quick cuts, a rushed story that feels like it’s being made up as it goes on, and some seriously goofy moments (the Gandalf The White esque moment anyone?).

As with most films, it is not without merit. First and foremost, I have to say this series deserves props for being a female hero led franchise. There’s certainly not enough of these going around. Granted, the quality might not be there, but, hey, the franchise has a devoted fanbase so good on them. Secondly, I also have to give props for the R rating. This could have easily been a watered down PG-13 film made to appeal to a bigger audience, but it’s not. It’s bloody and it’s violent.  It doesn’t hold back and that is appreciated.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? Visually this is a dark film, but the transfer handles the style quite well.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This DTS track does not disappoint. The action puts the speakers to work.

* Digital copy.
* Sony trailers.
* A digital graphic novel of “Underworld: Blood Wars.”
* “The Evolution Of Selene”- A featurette about the character’s journey in the franchise.
* “Old And New Blood”- This extra covers returning and new characters/factions.
* “The Evil Evolved”- A featurette about the Lycans and Werewolf hierarchies.
* “Building A Blood War” covers the direction, F/X, action, etc.


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