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Star Trek: Boldly Go Issue 4 Comic Book Review


The Borg arc concludes with issue 4 of “Star Trek: Boldly Go.”

Writer Mike Johnson’s 4 issue Borg story arc comes to a close with issue 4 of the ongoing comic book series “Star Trek: Boldly Go.” So what all happens in this issue? Quite a bit actually. A certain iconic crew member is in the process of being assimilated, Kirk strikes an agreement with the Romulans (all while violating terms with them), and the Borg Sphere has its sights set on Romulus.

As one might expect, the last issue of this Borg arc is absolutely fast paced and action packed. In fact, it moves a little too fast. Given how many subplots are floating around this arc, it all wraps up a little too quickly here. This could have easily been 5 or 6 issues at the very least as the stories involving Valas, the Borg’s search for the Outlier, the “rescue,” and Sulu’s family could have been more touched upon more. With all of that said, this arc was still arguably more satisfying than the last 2 Trek films and offered up some geekworthy Trek moments (a certain character fighting the assimilation is particularly bad-ass).

Artist Tony Shasteen’s work is even better here as he draws up some epic spreads (namely the space battle pieces).

Note: The comic also contains an Open Channels blurb on Trek titles as well as an interview with Tony Shasteen, the usual IDW comic ads, and a “Flight of the Raven” interview.

Overall Thoughts: Issue 4 (and the first 3 issues for that matter) are well worth picking up. I’m intrigued to see where this series goes in issues 5 and beyond.


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