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Star Trek: Boldly Go Issue 3 Comic Book Review


“Resistance Is Futile” indeed.

Given that the Borg are on the cover of issue 3, I guess I cannot hide the fact that they are indeed the villains of this series. At any rate, this third issue finds the Borg heading towards Romulan Space in search of something known as The Outlier. Even though they would be breaking the rules by entering Romulan Space, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Endeavour decide to follow them in order to retrieve the captured humans (including Sulu’s family). Alas, their valiant efforts prove to backfire as a key Trek character faces grave danger upon facing off against the Borg.

If you dug the first two issues of this new Trek series, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be captivated by this exciting third issue. Writer Mike Johnson keeps everything moving at a fast and urgent pace as matters become increasingly more problematic for Kirk and company. There’s no time wasted here as everything is at the service of the characters and the story.

Equally noteworthy here is the ties to the “Star Trek” (2009) film. The 09 film was hinted at previously, but the connections are full blown here. It will be interesting to see where that storyline goes in future issues.

Artist Tony Shasteen’s artwork does not falter here and instead grows increasingly better as he is given more epic panels to draw (you’ll see what I mean when you read it).

Note: The comic concludes with ads and a “Locke and Key” interview.

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