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Highlander: The American Dream Issue 3 Comic Book Review


Maybe there can be only one good issue?

In the third issue of the “Highlander: The American Dream” comic book series, the story takes place entirely in New York during the year 1955. Connor MacLeod and the Monk Osta Vazilek are trying to find the eye plucking serial killer immortal Hooke. On top of that, Special Agent Highsmith and Detective Connolly are investigating Hooke’s murders and are looking into Connor, Osta as well as Rachel.

After a promising start with issue one, the second and now third issues of “Highlander: The American Dream” have failed to capture my interest. Writer Brian Ruckley seems to be stuck in a loop of overwriting dialogue, repeating lines, creating a slow pace and not moving the story forward enough. Sure, you get some sword wielding action in the final few pages, but by then it’s too late. The journey to get that moment has not been worth the time nor has the characterization or story.

Artist Andrea Mutti’s art continues to be uneven. While I appreciate the attempt to create a retro 50’s look for the artwork, the environments and character models continue to look rather bland to say the least.


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