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Top 10 Video Games

Goldeneye.pngHalo.pngSuper Mario Kart.png

I thought I would do something a bit different with this week’s top 10 list. Instead of it involving movies or TV shows, this list will be centered around my personal favorite video games. Now, before you start shouting about why I left out a Zelda or Final Fantasy game, I must state that these are the games that mean the most to me. They are the games I have logged the most hours into and they are the games that have stuck with me. On with the list!

  1. Goldeneye 007- A game changing N64 FPS that boasted one of the most thrilling multiplayer experiences. Not only does this remain the most addicting game I have ever played, but it also fueled my love of the James Bond franchise.
  1. Halo: Combat Evolved- The first and still best of the riveting FPS sci-fi franchise.
  1. Super Mario Kart- While I enjoy the Mario Kart series as a whole, the first installment holds a special place in my heart. Also, Koopa Troopa rocks.
  1. Resident Evil 4- An endlessly creepy and thoroughly engrossing gaming experience that certainly delivered in both the story and gameplay departments.
  1. Galaga- The classic shoot ‘em up never gets old whether it’s played at home or in the arcade.
  1. F-Zero- You can’t go wrong with the original futuristic super fast racing game for the SNES.
  1. Donkey Kong Country- The SNES side-scrolling platformer is a barrel of fun (pun intended).
  1. Super Mario World- I could have put any number of Mario games here, but the SNES classic has a slight edge for me due to the inclusion of Yoshi.
  1. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy- There are a lot of great SW games out there, but this underrated third-person/first-person combo gem really immerses you in the universe.
  1. NBA Jam (SNES)- I love serious and accurate sports games as much as the next person, but few things are as satisfying as over-the-top 2 on 2 basketball featuring crazy dunks, flaming basketballs, and hilarious game codes.

Honorable Mentions: “Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt,” “Pac-Man,” “Street Fighter II,” “Guitar Hero 3,” “Blades of Steel,” “FIFA 12,” and “Gears of War.”


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