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Top 10 Horror Anthology Films

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In honor of the upcoming “Holidays” (which is set for a VOD release 4/15/2016), this week’s list is dedicated to one of my favorite subgenres- horror anthology films. For years, horror anthology films sadly seemed to be a thing of the past, but lately there’s been a welcomed resurgence thanks to films like “The ABCs of Death,” “V/H/S,” “A Christmas Horror Story,” “Tales of Halloween,” etc. Granted, this recent batch has been highly uneven, but I’ll still take a mediocre horror anthology film over most modern films. Anyway, this list isn’t about those films. It’s all about the cream of the crop. Which films made the cut? Read on to see!

  1. Creepshow- What do you get when the real masters of horror (George A. Romero and Stephen King) team up? A perfect horror film. Every story works wonders here and the EC esque comic book style of the film is inspired.
  1. Trick ‘r Treat- The newest film on this list has become an annual Halloween tradition for many folks and rightly so. I only hope we get that rumored sequel sooner rather than later. We all need more Sam in our lives.
  1. Tales From The Darkside: The Movie- A great show spawned a great movie. That doesn’t happen much.
  1. Creepshow 2- While not quite on par with the first film, this sequel still delivers the goods. To this day, “The Raft” remains one of the best horror anthology film segments of all time.
  1. Trilogy of Terror- Three words: Zuni fetish doll.
  1. Cat’s Eye- I know what you’re thinking- another Stephen King scripted horror anthology film? I can’t help it if he excels in this department! The highlight here is the troll centric “General” segment.
  1. Black Sabbath- Mario Bava’s finest hour was this 3 story horror anthology film that tends to go under the radar. Look for Boris Karloff in the film’s best segment “The Wurdulak.”
  1. Nightmares- While a bit cheesy in parts, this fun 1983 anthology flick offers up entertaining stories about a psycho killer, an arcade game, faith, and a giant rat.
  1. Tales From The Crypt- Long before the TV series aired, there was this 1972 British horror movie based on the old EC Comics. Of the 5 stories included in this feature film, the creepy killer Santa story “…And All Through The House” is undoubtedly the best.
  1. Body Bags- Directors John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper collaborated on this overlooked gem. My personal favorite story is the Mark Hamill starring “Eye.”



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