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Dangerous Men Blu-ray Review

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“Dangerous Men” is one weird bad movie.

For years now, I have heard of a bad movie gem called “Dangerous Men” from folks who have had the opportunity to see it in the L.A. area. Now, thanks to Drafthouse Films and MVD, the cult movie that was 26 years in the making has finally hit home video.

“Dangerous Men” is essentially a tale of two slightly interconnected stories. The first half is about vengeful woman (Mina) who begins to murder criminals after her fiancé (Daniel) is killed by a biker. The second half revolves around Daniel’s brother David (a cop) who investigates a biker gang led by BP.

“What the hell is going on?” is a phrase you will likely utter more than once while watching “Dangerous Men.” The film, which was filmed at different points over the years, is a baffling mixture of the crime, revenge, and sleazy exploitation genres. It also makes very little sense as the script and editing are all over the place. Make no mistake, it’s a bad movie in all departments, but it’s largely a fun one.

The first half in particular offers up some truly strange moments including (but not limited to) a belly button makeout session, a nude victim of Mina’s wandering the desert for minutes on end, and bloody knife licking. Oh, and there’s also the most bizarre and unreal soundtrack in the history of cinema. Not only does the music not fit any scene, but the score jumps around from sounding like a ninja movie to a “Seinfeld” episode. It has to be heard to be believed.

I wish I could say the second half of the film continues to be maddeningly mesmerizing, but it actually becomes quite tedious. With the exception of the goofiest punching battle put to screen, I found myself losing interest in David’s story.

If you can look past the film’s MANY flaws and go with the flow, “Dangerous Men” can be a wild experience. If nothing else, you have to admire the passion and drive of writer/director/producer/composer John S. Rad who stuck with this project for countless years.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? Not even a hi-def transfer can make this movie look good, but it doesn’t matter. The content is what counts for this movie.

Audio Track: Mono Stereo. How does it sound? It’s not good, but it’s no fault of the track. The moviesimply has poor sound and ADR quality.

* DVD copy and digital copy.
* A booklet featuring a fascinating lengthy interview with John S. Rad.
* “Dangerous Men” trailers.
* An interview with the cinematographer Peter Palian.
* An episode of a local access TV show titled “Queer Edge With Jack E. Jett” featuring a guest appearance/interview with John S. Rad.
* “That’s So John Rad”- A near half hour documentary about how “Dangerous Men” was discovered, the mysterious director, and more.

* Commentary by authors and film buffs Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly. Unfortunately, the film’s sound is not muted here so it’s a bit distracting to listen to.

Note: I’m not sure if I had a defective DVD or if all of the DVD copies are like this but the audio is woefully out of synch.


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