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Doctor Who: Last Christmas Blu-ray Review

Doctor Who- Last Christmas Blu-ray

Bah Humbug.

After The Doctor and Clara arrive at what appears to be the North Pole, the duo encounter scientists at a research base. Oh, and they also run into Santa and his two trusted Elves. It soon becomes apparent that all is not well at this base as it has been invaded by Dream Crabs. As The Doctor tries to investigate the Dream Crabs, he and everyone else must try not to fall victim to their deadly telepathic powers.

Leading up to Christmas Day in 2014, rumors were swirling that “Last Christmas” was set to be Clara’s swan song. For many, many fans (myself included) this would have been the ultimate Christmas present as the character had clearly overstayed her welcome. Unfortunately, on Christmas Day, it was revealed that Jenna Coleman was sticking around for at least another season. With that disappointing news in mind, “Last Christmas” proved to be all the more disappointing as Steven Moffat’s script wound up being a mess from start to finish.

From the shaky first half hour to the blatant “Alien” and “Inception” rip-off moments, “Last Christmas” is the type of episode that features an overabundance of eye rolling moments. Yes, some fans embraced this particular Christmas Special, but in my humble opinion, it’s arguably the weakest to date.

The main problem here is Steven Moffat’s screenplay. Once again, Moffat drops the ball by giving us a repetitive dream within a dream story that constantly has viewers wondering what is real. Furthermore, the portrayal of the always indecisive and obnoxious character of Clara continues to be a thorn in many fan’s side. Throughout the episode, she whines, ignores the Doctor, and pines to live in a dream world with Danny. This takes up far too much screentime and detracts from the character who is SUPPOSED to be the star of the show- The Doctor.

Speaking of The Doctor, it should come as no surprise that the always reliable Peter Capaldi turns out to be the saving grace here. Even when the scripts let him down, Capaldi always give it his all thanks to his riveting portrayal of the Timelord. The only other plus here is seeing actor Nick Frost as Santa Claus. This was an inspired bit of casting and it was nice to see him finally star in an episode. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to seeing him return in a future Christmas Special.


Presentation: 16:9 1080p. How does it look? I know I keep saying each episode looks better than the last, but it’s true. The hi-def era is very kind to DW from a visual perspective.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD. How does it sound? The music, dialogue, and sound f/x sound predictably fantastic.

* Trailers for “The Game” and “The Doctor Blake Mysteries.”
* A 14 minute “Behind The Scenes” featurette that contains set footage, episode clips, interviews, and conversations about the episode and characters.
* A dull commentary by director Paul Wilmshurst and producer Paul Frift.

Overall Thoughts: Get it together, Moffat.

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