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No Tears For The Dead Blu-ray Review

No Tears For The Dead Blu-ray

Not even the intense action can save “No Tears For The Dead.”

After a hitman (Gon) accidentally kills a child during a job, he is given one last mission by his boss (a Triad leader named Dai Ban). The assignment? To murder the mother of the child because she possesses valuable information about the Triads. As Gon trails the distraught mother (Choi Mogyeong), both of them become haunted by the child’s death in their own way. Knowing he can’t go through with the job, Gon decides to help her out by protecting her from the killers out to get her.

After 2010’s passable revenge film “The Man From Nowhere,” director Lee Jeong-Beom returns to the film world with a new action flick titled “No Tears For The Dead.” Unfortunately, the movie is nothing to ride home about.

After an extremely dull first hour that sets up a trite story about loss, redemption, and pain, “No Tears For The Dead” finally comes alive with a slew of bloody shootouts and hand to hand combat action sequences. Alas, by the time the action does come along, all interest has been lost. Much like the overhyped “The Raid” films, there’s very little to connect with in the basic storyline which makes it hard to invest in the action. Granted, the action is certainly impressive from a technical standpoint, but if you aren’t able to care about anything happening on screen, it all feels like a soulless racket.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? The dark and moody cinematography stands out on Blu-ray.

Audio Tracks: Korean and English 5.1 DTS-HD and English and Korean PCM 2.0. How do they sound? The only track you need concern yourself with is the original language Korean 5.1 track.

* Character spots for Gon and Mogyeong.
* Trailers for “No Tears For The Dead,” “The Divine Move,” “Friend II: The Legacy,” and “The Admiral: Roaring Currents.”
* Nearly 7 minutes of deleted scenes.
* A quick 2 minute interview with actor Brian Tee.
* Short action highlights of “No Tears For The Dead.”
* A behind the scenes featurette that contains set footage and interviews.
* A 27 minute making of featurette.
* A commentary that is not actually a commentary, but rather another short featurette on the film.

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