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The Happy House DVD Review

Happy House DVD

“The Happy House” suffers from being an amateurish and awkward indie film.

The story: A bickering couple (Joe and Wendy) decide to get away from city life by staying at a bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere. Alas, the B&B turns out to be a hellish destination for the couple as they encounter a strict old lady named Hildie (the B&B owner), her creepy son, her sister, a Swedish butterfly hunter, a local deputy, a shady tow truck driver, and an escaped murderous mental patient. With their relationship already being tested, can Joe and Wendy even survive their vacation?

After 46 minutes of fairly uneventful quirky horror-comedy moments, character introductions, and cliched horror fake outs, one would at least think “The Happy House” would be building to something more, but it doesn’t. Instead, the movie goes exactly where you think it would go as the story turns into a routine slasher filled with idiotic character actions like a character saying “It’s safer for you to stay here” when a killer is IN the house. Add in awkward scene transitions and a forgettable cast of characters and this vacation from hell/relationship horror-dramedy just isn’t worth investing in.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? It’s not the best looking film transfer, but it’s decent enough.

Audio Track: 5.1 Audio Track. How does it sound? It’s low key, but it does the job.

* First Run Features DVD trailers.
* “Hildie’s Secret Blueberry Muffin Recipe”- If you see the film, this will make sense.
* A little over 5 minutes of outtakes. Nothing special.
* D.W. Young’s short film “Not Interested”- Another weird blend of horror, comedy, and romance.


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