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All Cheerleaders Die DVD Review

All Cheerleaders Die DVD

“All Cheerleaders Die” is an unfocused horror-comedy.

As Maddy films a video about cheerleaders, her high school cheerleader friend (Lexi) is killed in a horrifying cheerleading practice accident. After the tragic death, Lexi’s friend/head cheerleader (Tracy) and Lexi’s ex-boyfriend (Terry) disrespectfully decide to become a couple. Disgusted, Maddy decides to plot an elaborate revenge scheme against Tracy and Terry not only because of this, but for other initially unknown reasons as well. Unfortunately, her plan falls apart after a late night party gets wildly out of hand when the football team leaves the cheerleaders for dead after the two groups have a massive quarrel. The story could end there, but an eccentric teen witch (Lena) resurrects the cheerleaders via a ritualistic crystal ceremony. With this second chance at life, the cheerleaders seek to get revenge against the football team (assuming they can stop fighting amongst themselves of course).

After writing and directing a film titled “All Cheerleaders Die” together back in 2001, co-writers and co-directors Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson have decided to remake their own project for a new feature length 2013 film version. Having not seen the 2001 version, I can’t compare or contrast the two films, but I can say this 2013 take is a disjointed mess.

While I have always admired Lucky McKee’s work (specifically “May,” “Masters of Horror: Sick Girl,” and “Red”), his collaboration with filmmaker Chris Sivertson seems off from the start. Between the loud MTV style music video first half hour and the lame crystal plotline to the atrocious “Bitches” infused dialogue and the confused horror-comedy tone, “All Cheerleaders Die” is an awkward mishmash of too many ideas for one film. Apparently, McKee and Sivertson realized they crammed too much into this movie too as the story abruptly ends with a set-up for an unwanted sequel.


Presentation: 2.35:1. How does it look? A slick DVD transfer. It should be noted that this title is also available on Blu-ray.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? This is a very loud and active track. No problems here.

Extras include Image Entertainment trailers and a standard Behind The Scenes featurette which contains set footage and cast and crew interviews.

Overall Thoughts: “All Cheerleaders Die” gets worse as it progresses. It’s neither funny when it could be nor is it scary when it should be.


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