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Terra Formars Volume 1 Manga Review

Terra Formars Volume 1 Manga

“Terra Formars” is infested with flaws.

The plot: With Earth becoming increasingly overpopulated, an ambitious plan has been put into place to terraform Mars using mold and cockroaches. After the process has been completed, a 14 person crew of the Bugs 2 ship is set to travel to Mars to exterminate the cockroach population. Unfortunately for crew members Nanao, Shokichi, Maria, Thien, Ichiro, D.K. Davis, Lee, Yang, Ming-Ming, Jaina, Tejas, John, Toshio, Redon, Victoria, they have discovered that the cockroaches have evolved into massively powerful humanoid cockroach beings. Luckily, the crew members have been injected with various bug DNA in order to combat these creature, but can they survive the hordes of cockroach humanoids? Note: The first volume contains six chapters.

Going into the “Terra Formars” manga series, I was expecting an intriguing sci-fi series about terraforming, but that’s not what it is at all. Granted, there is a major plot point involving terraforming, but for the most part, writer Yu Sasuga’s story is essentially a violent B-movie filled with lengthy fights involving the crew members with their outlandish bug powers and the cockroach humanoids (known as the Terraformars).

Aside from a few short character flashbacks, very little attention is given to the characters as they are mostly just fodder for the cockroaches. For the most part, their dialogue is equally abysmal as they engage in childish banter and bug eating conversations. The only character of any real interest is the crazy and corrupt Project Chief Newton. He may just be a cliched villain, but his character actions at least provoke some thought.

As sloppy as the writing is, artist Ken-Ichi Tachibana’s work is flat-out gorgeous. Between the action panels and the Mars environments to the Terraformar designs and bug power transformations, his art makes the material more exciting than it really is.

Overall Thoughts: With each passing page, “Terra Formars” becomes more and more absurd. This Manga series may have its fans, but, to me, it’s dumbed down science fiction.


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