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Regular Show Season 3 DVD Review

Regular Show Season 3 DVD

At long last, the third season of “Regular Show” hits DVD.

Tired of single disc DVD releases of “Regular Show”? Well, you’re in luck as the 40 episode season 3 has finally been released on DVD. In this season, fans of Mordecai, Rigby and the supporting cast of characters can expect plots about: a stick hockey table, blonde hair, bowling, a creepy doll, a haunted RV, Rigby becoming a house, camping, a competitive basketball game, coolness, anarchy, rap, cruising, a graffiti vandal, a party, a fortune cookie, Benson’s behavior, Skips’ computer, a voicemail, a trucker hat, Muscle Man becoming a gut model, a video game competition, a fake lotto ticket, the best burger in the world, Chad and Jeremy, Rigby’s new name, Skips getting injured, Mordecai being jealous, golf carts, Death’s son, a nightclub, a mentor program, Muscle Man’s father, Muscle Man learning etiquette, a broken diary, an overdue VHS tape, pranks, a zoo, fuzzy dice, donuts, and a kiss between Mordecai and Margaret.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Regular Show,” you should know what to expect from season 3’s episodes. If you haven’t seen an episode, the simple animated series (which appeals to a surprisingly large demographic) revolves around 2 lazy video gaming loving pals (a bird and a raccoon) who work as park employees. The show is filled with oddball characters and surreal adventures, but the heart of the show is about the title characters’ friendship.

In the modern era of Cartoon Network, this is easily their best comedic series in years. Granted, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea nor is it by any means a GREAT show, but it’s a fun little diversion. How can one not laugh at a  marker clutching doll (“Creepy Doll”), Mordecai and Rigby playing stick hockey (“It’s so much fun”), the burger episode “The Best Burger In The World” (which is infinitely more amusing for foodies and burger aficionados), the donut episode “Sugar Rush,” and the amusing “The Best VHS In The World”?  It’s goofy, random, silly stuff and I’m sure most fans wouldn’t have it any other way.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? While the series may not have the most detailed animation, what we get looks sharp in standard definition.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 2.0. How does it sound? While a 5.1 would better serve this animated series, the sound f/x and voice acting is still top notch here.

* “Regular Show” ads.
* “Characters Come To Life: Live Episode Read”- A live reading of “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show”cartoons with  cast members from both shows.
* “J.G. Answers Why”- “Regular Show” actor/creator JG Quintel answers various questions for 5 ½ minutes.
* “4 Things You Didn’t Know About J.G.”- The title says it all.
* Commentary on “Creepy Doll/Death Metal Crash Pit” by J.G. Quintel, Andres Salaff and Ben Adams, commentary on “In The House” by Sean Szeles and Kat Morris, commentary on “Slam Dunk” by Mike Roth, Andres Salaff and Ben Adams, commentary on “Cool Bikes” by Benton Connor and Calvin Wong, commentary on “Rap It Up” by Sean Szeles and Kat Morris, commentary on “Weekend At Benson’s” by Mike Roth, Benton Connor and Hilary Florido, commentary on “Eggscellent” by J.G. Quintel, commentary on “Trash Boat” by  by Mike Roth, Benton Connor and Hilary Florido, commentary on “Yes Dude Yes” by Sean Szeles and Kat Morris, commentary on “Fuzzy Dice” by Andres Salaff and Madeline Queripel and commentary on “Bad Kiss” by Sean Szeles and Kat Morris. Sadly, most of these commentaries are dull and not worth your time. The commentators mostly chat about the work they did, storyboards, alternate story ideas, moments they enjoyed, etc. The most frustrating aspect of the commentaries is the fact that the audio tracks isn’t muted AND you don’t know what episodes have commentaries until you click on them.


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