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Wolf Creek 2 Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Review

Wolf Creek 2 Blu-rayDVD Combo Pack

John Jarratt carries “Wolf Creek 2.”

After an 8 year absence, the psychotic, knife wielding Mick Taylor returns in “Wolf Creek 2.” In this gritty, violent sequel, Mick Taylor preys upon a hitchhiking German couple (Rutger and Katarina) and a British surfer (Paul) in the gorgeous, but desolate Australian outback. That’s pretty much all that happens.

While many raved about the Australian horror-thriller “Wolf Creek,” I found it to be an intense, but hardly revolutionary slasher film. If you were hoping that the second installment would be something different, I’m afraid you will be in for a bit of a disappointment as this sequel is more or less a rehash of the first film. The only differences between the two is that “Wolf Creek 2” contains more extreme gore, more action (namely the “Duel” esque car chases), and less story.

While the violence (particularly the opening) and the action are gripping and disturbing to say the least, writer/director Greg McLean seems unsure about what to do with his serial killer creation Mick Taylor. Instead of taking the character in a new direction, McLean relies on the character’s standard serial killer antics. The only scenes that really surprised here were those taking place in Taylor’s tunnel of horrors. Those eerily effective sequences certainly gave more insight into Taylor’s horrific lifestyle and murderous acts and proved to be the most memorable moments of the needlessly overlong 106 minute running time.

On the plus side, John Jarratt is once again perfect as the notorious cinematic serial killer. Jarratt, who plays Mick Taylor like Crocodile Dundee as a killer, makes this terrifying human monster entirely convincing in each and every scene. It’s just a shame he doesn’t have better material to work with.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? The picturesque cinematography by Toby Oliver looks pitch perfect on Blu-ray.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The film’s numerous action sequences sound superb with this hi-def track.

* Image Entertainment trailers.
* Nearly 24 minutes of deleted scenes.
* “Creating A Monster: The Making of Wolf Creek 2”- A 52 minute featurette that contains cast and crew interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, discussions about the sequel, the Outback, numerous sequences, the character of Mick Taylor, and much more.

Overall Thoughts: “Wolf Creek 2” may not offer up anything new, but the film is intense enough to hold your interest for the duration of the running time.


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