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Adjust Your Tracking DVD Review

Adjust Your Tracking DVD

“Adjust Your Tracking” makes a nice companion piece to “Rewind This!”

After “Rewind This!” (one of 2013’s best films in my humble opinion), a new VHS centric documentary titled “Adjust Your Tracking” has surfaced. In this particular film, the narrative focuses on a wide range of subjects such as VHS collectors, rare tapes, defunct VHS companies, VHS horror lovers, cover art, video stores, the home video market, and extensive VHS collections. In typical documentary form, there are many, many interviews with indie directors, writers, video store owners, and VHS lovers (many of whom were also featured in “Rewind This!”) such as  Zack Carlson, Mike McPadden, Tony Timpone, Lloyd Kaufman, Bryan Connolly, Phil Blankenship, Perry Horton (Movie Madness represent!), Lindsay Denniberg, Matt Moore, Louis Justin, and Joe Clark.

While “Rewind This!” was more of an all encompassing documentary about the history of the VHS format and home video, “Adjust Your Tracking” is very much about the people who still embrace VHS. Whether interviewees are passionately chatting about cult films that are unavailable on other formats (such as “Rad”) or geeking out about rare tapes (namely “Tales From The Quadead Zone”), it’s clear that VHS is still alive and well to thousands of people across the globe.

One can argue that VHS collectors are a nostalgic niche group of people clinging to a dead format, but so what? You don’t have to be a fan of of VHS to find the subject matter engaging. If you can take away anything from “Adjust Your Tracking,” it’s that VHS continues to be a profoundly personal and meaningful hobby to many folks and film lovers who treasure discovering a wide variety of rare films, connecting with fellow VHS lovers, expanding their cinematic horizons, and relishing in the hunt for tapes in this “buy now” internet age. It may seem old school or odd to some, but, to me, that infectious passion for the home video format of yesteryear is something worth dedicating a movie to.


Presentation: 4:3. How does it look? Visually, the film is meant to resemble a VHS so don’t be expecting superior DVD quality here for the most part.

Audio Track: Unspecified Audio Track. How does it sound? The interviewees and music sounded clear to this reviewer.

* Teaser and theatrical trailer for “Adjust Your Tracking.”
* 3 short films titled “Video Shelf,” “It Wasn’t In Vain, It Was In Staten Island,” and “The Ballad of Chester Novell Turner.” ‘Shelf’ is an 11 minute documentary about modern video stores, ‘Vain’ is about a Staten Island video store (Bayware Video) that closes down, and ‘Chester’ is about writer/director Chester Novell Turner. All 3 shorts are recommended.
* Not one, but two commentaries. The first is with directors Dan Kinem and Levi Peretic and the second is with producers Josh Schafer and Matt Desiderio. The first track is a fun one that contains plenty of behind-the-scenes stories while the second track is monotone and rather lifeless.
* “Alamo Drafthouse Q&A”- An 18 minute Q&A from Austin with Dan Kiem, Joseph Ziemba and Levi Peretic about “Adjust Your Tracking.”
* “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”- One word- bigfoot.
* “Back Alley Film Series Q&A”- Another Q&A with Levi Peretic and Dan Kinem.
* Extended interviews with 42nd Street Pete, Bryan Connolly, Bruce Holecheck, Dimitri Simakis, Earl Kess, Eric Spudic, Gary Cohen, Grant Cornelson, Jimmy Turri, Joe Clark, Josh Schafer, Keith Crocker, Lloyd Kaufman, Matt Desderio, Putrid, Zack Carlson, Bradco Video, Joe Clark and Zack Carlson.
* 6 deleted scenes titled “Cutboxes,” “Everything Is Terrible,” “Faces of Death,” “Redbox,” “Scarecrow Video,” and “Shot On Video.” Given that “Adjust Your Tracking” was only 80 minutes, I am surprised the “Faces of Death” and “Scarecrow Video” scenes were not included.

Overall Thoughts: “Adjust Your Tracking” is well worth watching for anyone who cherishes film and or VHS.


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