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Fathom Events: Doctor Who- Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel Review

Doctor Who

“Doctor Who” returns to the big screen thanks to Fathom Events.

As the agonizing wait for new “Doctor Who” episodes in August continues, Fathom Events graciously decided to give fans a treat by screening two 10th Doctor era episodes (“Rise of the Cybermen” and “The Age of Steel”) on the big screen June 16th. The event, which is actually part of a two-night tribute to David Tennant, was tailor made for Whovians as they got to see a stunning hi-def version of a newly edited theatrical cut of this season 2 two-parter with an explosive theatrical sound mix that will have you hearing sound f/x and Murray Gold score cues that have never been heard on TV or home video. On top of that, you get to watch a fun and poignant parallel Earth Cybermen centric story about technology and humanity as well as see fan favorite characters from the past like Rose Tyler, Ricky/Mickey, Jackie and Peter Tyler.

While I was initially puzzled as to why these two episodes were chosen out of all of the 10th Doctor era episodes, I can see why it was picked after seeing it on the big screen. The Cybermen are obviously a major selling point to Whovians and this episode plays surprisingly well as a movie event. Even though some of the F/X are a bit dated and the pre hi-def cinematography lacks the visual flair of the newer episodes, these two episodes have a very cinematic feel from start to finish. Whether you’re anticipating the build-up reveal to the Cybermen or watching the climactic zeppelin action set piece, you really find yourself getting drawn back into the story even though viewers have likely already seen it once or multiple times.

After the episodes, a teaser to “The Idiot’s Lantern” episode, and the end credits, the event concluded with a near 10 minute interview between David Tennant and Teddy Wilson. Wilson asks Tennant various questions about “Doctor Who,” the Cybermen 2 parter, memories from the set, the appeal of “Doctor Who,” and even Peter Capaldi. It’s a fun little interview that showcases Tennant’s bubbly personality. His story about director Graeme Harper is particularly amusing here.

If you missed out on seeing David Tennant as The Doctor, you still have a chance to catch him narrating “Wings 3D” tomorrow night (June 17th). For those that don’t know, “Wings 3D” is a bird centric nature documentary that (I believe) contains new and previously used footage from the “Earthflight” BBC mini-series (which is now available on Blu-ray and DVD). If you purchased a ticket to the “Doctor Who” event, you get to see “Wings 3D” with the very same ticket for no additional cost. If you didn’t, you can purchase a new ticket to just see ‘Wings 3D.”

Overall Thoughts: Judging by the sizable crowd at the inviting Century Clackamas Town Center theater, it’s clear that there is still a demand to see “Doctor Who” on the big screen. It would not surprise me at all if we see a theatrical event dedicated to the 12th Doctor in the not too distant future. Hopefully, that will become a reality for all of the Whovians out there (myself included).

If you are looking for information on this or any other Fathom Event, feel free to check out their website http://www.fathomevents.com

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