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Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil DVD Review

Doctor Who- The Mind of Evil DVD

“The Mind of Evil” is a memorable Third Doctor era adventure.

After the Doctor and Jo visit a prison to observe a scientific machine that removes evil impulses from criminals, the Doctor becomes immediately skeptical of the device. His worries soon become validated when the machine begins to kill people with their biggest fear (even though they only imagined it). While all of this is going on, trouble begins brewing at a peace conference that UNIT is providing security for. It seems someone is trying to stir up tension between China and the United States and that certain delegates are winding up dead. As if that weren’t enough complications, someone is trying to intercept a missile that is scheduled to be sunk to the bottom of the ocean. What evil mastermind is behind these 3 disastrous events? Hint: It’s The Master.

While I’ve often been critical of 6 parters, “The Mind of Evil” is certainly one of the better ones out there. Unlike many sluggish serial adventures, the story of “The Mind of Evil” (mostly) moves fast as the complications pile on early on in the adventure. Naturally, the story slows down in the middle (as they tend to do), but rest assured that the ending delivers.

Some fans may argue that it’s your basic earthbound Doctor vs. Master/the Master gets away story from the Third Doctor era, but it’s generally well scripted thanks to writer Don Houghton. I like that the script was busy with interweaving stories as it demanded your attention. Besides, any adventure that ends with the the Doctor saying “I’m stuck here on Earth…with YOU Brigadier!” gets a pass from me.


“The Mind of Evil,” which is presented in 4:3 fullscreen, is better looking than many of the Third Doctor era DVDs. Yes, some of the colors appear murky, but the print is generally in good shape.

The Dolby Digital Mono audio track sounds like your average Mono track. It’s hardly 5.1 level, but the music, dialogue, and sound f/x sound adequate enough.

* Trailers for “Doctor Who” Series 7 Part 2 and the “Spearhead From Space” Blu-ray, info text, photo gallery, and 2 PDF extras (Radio Times Listings and a 1971 Kelloggs Sugar Smacks Promo).
* Commentary by Katy Manning, Pik-Sen Lim, Toby Hadoke, Fernanda Marlowe, Terrance Dicks, Timothy Combe, Barry Letts, and Derek Ware. A crowded commentary that covers everything from the sets and costumes to set stories and the Sir Walter Raleigh scene. This one is chock full of information and stories. Fans will get a kick out of it.
* “Now and Then”- Another installment of this series of extras that shows locations (in this case Dover Castle) at the time of filming and in modern time.
* “Behind The Scenes: Television Centre”- A “vintage” special in which Norman Tozer gives viewers a tour of the various jobs at the Television Centre in 1971 in a 24 hour time period.
* “The Military Mind”- A making of featuring cast and crew interviews, discussions about the production, as well as casting and filming stories. A better than average making of featurette.

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