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Dino King 3D Blu-ray Review

Dino King 3D Blu-ray

“Dino King 3D” is a surprisingly dark animated kids film.

“Dino King 3D” (AKA “Dino King: An Amazing Adventure” or “Tarbosaurus 3D”) is an “animated kids film” told from the perspective of a Tarbosaurus named Speckles. Via voice over narration from Speckles (no other dinosaur speakers), we chronicle his life from birth to adulthood. Through this character’s eyes, we are introduced to his family, a villainous T-Rex named One-Eye, the tragedies that befall him, a female Tarbosaurus named Blue Eyes, food hunting, etc. I could say more, but I don’t want to spoil his journey for the readers and potential viewers.

In the first 15 minutes or so, “Dino King 3D” looks to be like an irritating kiddy knock-off of Disney’s 2000 film “Dinosaur.” Viewers are forced to suffer through a whiny baby Speckles character that has a completely grating and obnoxious voice over that makes you want to press mute. It doesn’t help that baby Speckles utters dumbed down, cringe-worthy lines like ““Haha it’s hard being the youngest! Hahaha!” or “I’ll take you on! I’m the great Speckles!” After that 15 or so minute period, however, the movie takes a dark, dark turn and becomes a different movie entirely. Again, I won’t spoil what occurs, but let’s just say baby Speckles isn’t mentioning how awesome everything is anymore. The movie also (thankfully) jumps forward in time to show viewers how an older Speckles (with a different voice actor) is living his life. It’s all meant to be an educational journey about life, death, survival, and parenthood, but it’s shockingly violent for an alleged “animated kids” film. Granted, the film has no rating according to the Blu-ray box, but it’s filled with dinos being eaten, dinos falling over cliffs, dino deaths, and even some blood. Personally, I liked that the movie became something else entirely (even though it was still repetitious), but even I will admit it’s not kids material at all.

As far as the animation goes, the animators did a fine job of creating emotional, versatile, and detailed dinosaur models. The CGI isn’t always consistent (see some of the bland environments), but it’s respectable work nonetheless. The film isn’t all CGI creations, however, as the opening sequence contains a live-action animatronic or puppet (or both) baby Speckles. There are also several real landscapes that were used as settings for scenes.


Say what you will about the film, but the Blu-ray transfer (presented in 1.78:1 1080p) is dazzling. The details on each individual dinosaur is particularly impressive in hi-def. Also, I can see how the 3D would work well for this film (especially during the flying or falling scenes).

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track hits all the right notes. The dino roars, nature sounds, the score, and the voice acting come through loud and clear on the speakers.

Note: This disc contains the Blu-ray 3D and 2D verisons.

The only extra is a “Dino King 3D” trailer.

Summary: “Dino King 3D” isn’t really for children nor is it something I would recommend as a rental. It has merit, it’s just not one of the better dino films on the market.

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