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Womb Blu-ray Review

Womb Blu-ray

“Womb” is an original sci-fi drama.

Set in a small coastal town, “Womb” starts off by introducing two young kids (Rebecca and Tommy). Rebecca, who is staying with her grandfather in the town, befriends the eccentric Tommy, but their friendship is soon interrupted when Rebecca has to leave town to live with her mother. The story then flashes forward to the future where we see an adult Rebecca returning to the town to reunite with Tommy. The two instantly hit it off again, but tragedy strikes when Tommy is killed in a horrific accident. Unable to let him go, Rebecca undergoes a process in which she births a genetic replicant of Tommy. Now, as the Tommy clone grows up, Rebecca cares for him as her son. However, she soon becomes jealous and miserable as she hides her true feelings (and the truth about his existence) from Tommy.

At one point in the film, the character of Rebecca utters the quote “It’s weird.” That quote pretty much sums up “Womb” in a nutshell. To say this isn’t your average Hollywood film would be an understatement. It’s a very arty, haunting, and sometimes disturbing story about clones, loves, morality, and incest. While some viewers may be put off by the subject matter, the pacing, and the non-ending, others may be drawn to the unique story and, of course, the cast. Eva Green (“Casino Royale” and “The Dreamers”) and Matt Smith (of “Doctor Who” fame) both give two of the best performances of their career as Rebecca and Tommy. Green, who gives a quiet and creepy performance, definitely plays against type here in a role like you’ve never seen her in before. Smith, meanwhile, definitely plays a very un-Doctor like part as he is essentially playing two characters (two different Tommys’).  “Game of Thrones” aficiandos will also recognize two cast members here with Natalia Tena and Hannah Murray playing small supporting roles.

Story and cast aside, “Womb” does have a few frustrating aspects. The entire film feels like it’s building to a heated confrontation between Rebecca and her clone son Tommy, but what we get is far too restrained and internal. Personally, it felt like viewers were deprived of a more impactful ending, but the ending still works even though it feels like a bit of a cheat when it’s all said and done.


Presented in 2.35:1 1080p, “Womb” is a beautiful shot film with a very impressive hi-def transfer. Yes, some dirt specs pop up here and there, but they don’t take away from the overall picture quality.

“Womb” is mostly a quiet, dialogue driven film that subtly captures the background noises (such as the wind and waves). The DTS-HD MA 2.0 audio track may not be the best track out there, but it does the job.

The only extras are 13 Olive Film title trailers (including one for “Womb”).

Summary: “Womb” is not an easy sell, but if you’re open to non-conventional films, there is much to admire here.

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