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This Girl Is Badass and Storage 24 Blu-ray Reviews

This Girl Is Badass Blu-ray Storage 24 Blu-ray

“Storage 24” is the British equivalent of a SyFy channel film.

The girl may be badass, but the movie is not.

This Girl Is Badass:

The plot: A young butt-kicking orphan Jukkalan spends her day as a bike messenger that delivers shady packages to various crime lords. After the mob bosses (Piak and Seng) learn she has been stealing money and drugs from them in order to save more money, the two set out to threaten and even kill her. With the help of her Uncle Wang, her wacky boss (Reung), and a nerdy guy (Duan) who has a crush on her, the Jukkalan hopes to survive and perhaps trick her enemies along the way.

“This Girl is Badass” is the type of baffling movie that you can’t believe exists. For a supposed martial arts film, the movie has more slapstick comedy than a Keystone Cops movie. There are so many ultra-bizarre bits of attempted humor here involving such things as a motorized toy horse, a gimp, dwarves, a character who sings his own theme music, and a frightening character (Reung) with giant eyebrows and the worst outfits known to man. Heck, even some of the death scenes are zany! To say the movie is cartoony to the max is the understatement of the year.

Equally baffling here is the sloppy script which bounces around from subplot to subplot (of which there are many). There are so many characters and storylines stuffed in here that it becomes exhausting to watch. The tone of the film makes it even more puzzling. You’d think the whole movie would be a lighthearted affair filled with goofy comedic moments, and yet, there are actually some serious and genuine character moments here involving a murdered husband character and the relationship between Uncle Wand and his niece Jukkalan.

On the subject of Jukkalan, actress and star Jeeja Yanin and her martial arts work is the only reason this movie is watchable. Yanin’s action set pieces involving the bicycle as a weapon and the bike shop/bike rack sequence are the only two sequences of the movie that even need to be viewed as far as I’m concerned.  


Presented in 1.78:1 1080p, it’s evident that this is a cheaply made movie. Aside from the well choreographed action scenes, the visuals are far from impressive even in 1080p.

This disc contains Thai and English 5.1 DTS-HD. The English dub is comically bad and actually makes the movie even more laughable. If you do happen to rent this turkey, the Thai track is the one to play.

Extras include Magnolia trailers (including an international trailer for “This Girl Is Badass”), BD-Live capabilities, a behind the scenes featurette (which just shows a series of muted set footage), and “The Making Of This Girl Is Badass” which includes interviews with the cast and crew, film clips, discussions about characters and the film, set footage, etc.

Summary: Despite a talented star and a couple of fun action sequences, “This Girl Is Badass” is a trainwreck of a movie.

Storage 24:

“Storage 24” begins with a military cargo plane containing classified material crashing in London with its contents being spread across the city. As a result of this, London is put on lockdown. The story then shifts to the drama amongst 5 characters (Charlie, Shelley, Mark, Nikki and Chris). At the start of the film, Charlie is down in the dumps after he learns that his girlfriend (Shelley) cheated on him. Charlie goes to confront her at a storage facility and that’s when all hell breaks loose for the characters. As you can probably guess, the “classified contents” of the cargo plane show up at this particular storage facility. The contents? A deadly monster. Will the monster destroy them all? Will Charlie redeem himself and prove his worth to Shelley? Will you even care what happens at the end?

Noel Clarke (of “Doctor Who” fame) wrote and starred in this low budget affair which can best be described as a small scale “Super 8” with idiotic characters. This is the type of monster film where you will be forced to root for the monster because all of the characters are so clumsily written and unlikable. To make matters worse, the whiny characters simply run around a storage facility for the entire film which is arguably one of the most boring settings for a monster film that I’ve ever seen.

So, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Well, is the monster at least cool?” For the most part, yes. The monster isn’t going to become iconic or anything, but it’s certainly the lone highlight of the film. Close-up, the monster isn’t nearly as menacing, but the quick cuts and shots of it on the move will please monster fans.


The film, which is presented in 1.85:1 1080p, has sharp looking digital cinematography despite the fact that the film’s color palette isn’t the most attractive.

The 5.1 DTS-HD MA audio track delivers effective sound f/x give which is all you need from a creature feature like this.


 * Magnolia film trailers.

 * 6 deleted scenes.

 * A U.S. theatrical trailer, teaser trailers, and promos for “Storage 24.”

 * A photo reel (standard still photo gallery).

 * “Scene Commentaries”- Noel Clarke, Antonia Campbell-Hughes,Colin O’Donoghue, and Geoff Bell separately chat about certain scenes they are about to shoot. Rather pointless really.

 * “A Day In The Life”- We follow Noel Clarke and Colin O’Donoghue separately on a day in the life of their film shoot.

 * Video blogs for Noel Clarke, Laura Haddock, and Antonia Campbell-Hughes.

 * 4 behind-the-scenes featurettes titled “Creature Development,” “Costume Design,” “Sound Design,” and “The Storage Unit.”

* Commentary by Noel Clarke and director Johannes Roberts. Johannes talks about creative decisions while Clarke talks about his script and himself.

* BD-Live capabilities.

Summary: By the time a crazy guy who lives in the storage facility AND a toy dog strapped with fireworks pop up on screen, you know the film is a waste of time. Skip this one.

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