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Escape From Planet Earth Blu-ray Review

Escape From Planet Earth Blu-ray

“Escape From Planet Earth” is a safe and predictable animated family film.

The plot: The reckless hero Scorch is the go to mission alien for the Planet Baab while his brother (Gary) does the less glamorous, but hugely important technical, mission control work. Due to his more exciting lifestyle, Scorch is an immensely popular figure who inspires fellow aliens (including Gary’s own Skip). Anyway, after the Planet Baab receives an SOS from Earth, Scorch is sent to investigate. Upon arrival, he finds himself captured by a crazy human General (cleverly voiced by William Shatner) who uses aliens to invent advanced technology. Knowing Scorch needs to be rescued, Gary sets out to rescue his brother only to discover there is more to his capture than meets the eye.

At one point during the film’s running time, the quote “I’ve seen this in a movie” is uttered. That pretty much sums up the entirety of “Escape From Planet Earth.” You’ve seen this all before. ‘Earth’ is more or less a mixture of other films such as “Monsters Vs. Aliens,” “Planet 51,” “Paul,” etc.

Equally familiar is the routine structure and animated film tropes. Everything you’ve come to expect from a non-Pixar animated film is present here. There are pop songs, cutesy humor, pop culture references, hyperactive characters, the obligatory comedic relief characters (one of which is voiced by the ever annoying George Lopez), conflicts among the main characters, and, of course, a happy ending that wraps everything up nicely. With all of that said, the quality of the film is essentially immaterial because kids aren’t going to be bothered by all of this. ‘Earth’ is the type of movie kids respond to and, despite it’s unoriginality, it’s completely harmless and watchable.

The lone highlight of ‘Earth’ is unquestionably the animation. The Planet Baab, ship, and character designs are unique and colorful and they make for great eye candy on screen. There’s been a lot of rushed, simplistic, cheaply made animated films over the past few years so it’s always refreshing to see one with impressive animation work.

Note: This set contains a Blu-ray 3D copy, a Blu-ray copy, a DVD copy, a digital copy and an Ultraviolet copy. Basically, it has every version of the film possible.


The Blu-ray copy is presented in 2.39:1 while the Blu-ray 3D presentation is in 1.85:1. Regardless of which version you watch, the CGI animation looks gorgeously glossy in hi-def.

From the songs to the sci-fi sound f/x, this 5.1 DTSHD-MA audio track will please audio aficiandos.

* The Weinstein Company and Anchor Bay trailer.
* 3 music videos for Owl City’s “Shooting Star,” “Delta Rae’s “What Matters Most,” and Cody Simpson’s “Shine Supernova.”
* Nearly 4 minutes of alternate takes and deleted scenes.
* “The Making Of Escape From Planet Earth” includes film clips, interviews with the voice actors/actresses and musicians, and footage of the cast at work.
* “How To Make An Animated Feature With Director Carl Brunker”- This featurette talks briefly about the animation process (storyboarding, pre-viz, animation, lighting and compositing).
* Commentary by director/co-writer Carl Brunker. Brunker talks about characters, the cast, comedy, animation, and much more.

Summary: “Escape From Planet Earth” is strictly for the kids.

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