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Misfits Seasons 1 and 2 DVD Reviews

Misfits Season 1 DVD Misfits Season 2 DVD

The first season of “Misfits” entertains while the second season flounders.

In the first series of “Misfits” (which contains 6 episodes), the story revolves around 5 young criminals who are assigned to community service. While on the job, a freak lightning storm occurs that gives the 5 characters powers. Kelly becomes telepathic, the athletic Curtis has the ability to rewind time, party girl Alisha turns people into sex addicts, the oddball Simon can become invisible, and the spazzy Nathan is unaware of what his powers are. Plots of the 6 episodes involve: Clean-ups, Nathan falling for Ruth, a love triangle between Curtis, Sam, and Alisha, Tony (the probation worker) getting powers, Nathan’s family, a pivotal death, Simon falling for a gal online, time, a new probation worker (Sally) who loved Tony, Finn (a baby with powers), a woman named Rachel and her cult the Virtue, and, a reveal of Nathan’s power in the season/series finale.

In series 2, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha, Simon, and Nathan are back for 7 more episodes. In this batch of episodes, viewers can expect to see stories about: a new probation worker (Shaun), a hooded mysterious superpowered individual who seems to be tracking the Misfits, a shape shifter named Lucy, Nathan’s half-brother Jamie, a regular woman named Nikki who is given a power, a tattoo artist with powers named Vince, time travel, a video game, Brian (a killer with powers involving dairy), a romance involving Simon, a love interest for Nathan (Marnie), and a man named Seth who can remove powers and buy and sell them. The cliffhanger in season 1 is also resolved, but I won’t spoil that for anyone here.

Despite a rather lame origin story, the first season of “Misfits” proves to be a fun entry in the tired superhero genre. Sure, the series implements the “freak of the week” formula from shows like “The X-Files,” “Supernatural” and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” but the show is much more lighthearted in tone than its inspirations (at least at first). Leading the way for the humor in the show is the show’s best character (Nathan) who is wonderfully played by young actor Robert Sheehan. While the rest of the cast does an admirable job with their parts, Sheehan carries the show with his sarcastic one liners and amusing jackass behavior. He’s a charismatic jokester through and through and he should really have his own spin-off series.

Unfortunately, in the second series, “Misfits” goes into a bit of a sophomore slump. The show seems to have a case of diminishing returns here as the super powered individual freak of the week angle becomes a chore. Characters (with or without powers) simply seem to come and go and take center stage which forces the main cast of characters to see less screen time. Additionally, the tone is significantly less “fun” in these 7 episodes which is frustrating to see.

To make matters worse, this is Robert Sheehan’s last series on the show. While the show could redeem itself in series 3 or 4, one can’t help but wonder if the show might have been better as a one off. With all of that said, the 7th episode does mix things up for future seasons, but it’s very possible the show could be permanently damaged from here on out.


Presented in widescreen (with a good chunk of shaky cam every now and then), the series is far from the best looking show from a visual standpoint, but it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s the content that matters most.

The Dolby Digital Stereo audio track is pretty lively. The music, sound f/x, and dialogue are all used nicely here.

Season 1 Extras:
* Trailers for “Bedlam,” and “Being Human.”
* Interviews with directors Tom Green and Tom Harper, executive producer Petra Fried, production designer Tom Bowyer, and cast members Robert Sheehan, Antonia Thomas, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Iwan Rheon, and Lauren Socha.
* “Simon’s Films”- 4 videos that the character of Simon films of the other characters titled “Not Aquaman,” “Girl Talk,” “Stoner,” and “Area 51.”
* “The Making Of Misfits”- A 3 part extra that covers the making of the storm sequence and a roof sequence as well as the casting.

Season 2 Extras:
* Trailers for “Sherlock” and “Being Human.”
* Ultraviolet digital copy.
* A whopping 22 minutes of bonus scenes.
* “Shooting Misfits”- A 4 part featurette that contains segments called “Getting The Look,” “Designing Misfits,” “Life On Misfits,” and “Winning the BAFTA.”
* “Behind The Scenes”- Making of segments for all 7 episodes. Each segment includes set footage, cast and crew interviews, story and character discussions,

Summary: Season 1 gets a recommendation while season 2 might be worth a rent if for no other reason than to see what happens with Nathan’s character.


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