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Excision Blu-ray Review

“Excision” will take you by surprise.

The premise: Pauline is an unpopular, unstable, unbalanced, sarcastic high school teen who not only dreams of becoming a surgeon, but also has warped psycho-sexual surgeon related fantasies/dreams as well. As her result of her attitude and odd behavior, Pauline tends to not get along with anyone (especially her overbearing mother) except for her sister who has cystic fibrosis (trust me, it’s important to the plot). As Pauline becomes more demented and out of touch with the world, her actions become increasingly more dangerous. To say anything more would be getting into spoiler territory, but suffice to say, the movie gets dark at the end.

Judging by the plot description above, you’d think “Excision” was a straight up horror film, but it’s actually a horror film with a dark sense of humor. Basically, it’s kind of like “Juno” meets “Psycho.” It’s a quirky teen film with psychological horror.

To say it’s not for everyone is an understatement, but if you are an open minded viewer who appreciates original horror stories, there is much to admire about “Excision.”

First of all, AnnaLynne McCord is a revelation as Pauline. Without her brave performance as the unglamorous psychotic main character, I’m not sure this film could have worked. She completely becomes this character and transfixes the viewer with her acting. Equally impressive is Traci Lords who plays Pauline’s bitchy mother. Lords and McCord definitely dominate the movie in terms of performances and screentime and they play off each other extraordinarily well. Be on the lookout for other fine performances (and cameos) by Roger Bart, John Waters, Ariel Winter, Marlee Matlin, Malcolm McDowell and Ray Wise as well.

Acting aside, writer/director Richard Bates, Jr. deserves much credit for his warped and unique vision here. He definitely has an original voice and it will be interesting to see where his career goes from him here.

Summary: Having known nothing about this prior to receiving the disc for review, I was quite impressed by “Excision.” It certainly gets my recommendation.


The film, which is presented in 2.40:1 1080p, has a nice hi-def transfer. From the suburban neighborhood to the violent fantasies, the cinematography really shines here.

The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio track does the job.

* Anchor Bay trailers.
* Commentary by writer/director Richard Bates, Jr. and AnnaLynne McCord. Richard offers up some interesting stories about how his vision while McCord talks about her character and other work on the film. Other discussions include sexuality, how the film came about, parents and children, etc.

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