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Neil Young Journeys Blu-ray Review

“Neil Young Journeys” is an insightful and intimate documentary/concert film.

Director Jonathan Demme once again re-teams with music legend Neil Young for another documentary/concert film. In ‘Journeys,’ we get a far more intimate look into the life of Neil Young both on and off stage. In the documentary/road film portion, we see Young traveling through his hometown of Omemee, Ontario with his brother while recalling personal childhood memories. In the concert portion, Neil Young puts on a 2 night solo performance playing classic tunes (like “Ohio,” “Down By The River,” “After The Gold Rush,” “I Believe In You,” “My, My, Hey, Hey,” “Hitchhiker,” and “Helpless”) and newer tunes (some from his 2010 album “Le Noise) such as “Peaceful Valley Boulevard,” “Sign Of Love,” “Rumbling,” “Love And War,” “Leia,” “You Never Call,” and “Walk With Me.”

It seems like every couple of years now we get a new Neil Young documentary or concert film. Is it a bit excessive? Perhaps, but at least the films (including ‘Journeys’) are consistently rewarding.

‘Journeys’ is arguably the most personal Neil Young documentary to date as we get a real glimpse into the younger years of his life and an even more intimate portrait via his soulful solo performances. Sure, Young’s voice might not be what it once was, but the amount of feeling and energy he puts into every song puts most current musicians to shame. He may be aging, but Neil Young is  still churning out memorable new music and even more memorable concert performances.

Summary: Neil Young fans should check out ‘Journeys’ as well as Demme’s 2006 “Neil Young: Heart Of Gold.”


While we may get too many extreme close-ups of Neil Young, the film (which is presented in 1.78:1 1080p) looks impressive both in Massey Hall and out in the Ontario countryside.

Whether Neil Young is playing an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, the piano, a harmonica, or the organ, his solo performance sounds electric with this 5.1 DTS-HD audio track.

* Sony trailers including a theatrical trailer for “Neil young: Journeys.”
* “Making Journeys”- Jonathan Demme and Neil Young talk about their collaborations, how ‘Journeys’ came about, music, “Ohio.” Some behind-the-scenes footage is also included.
* “92Y Talks With Neil Young And Jonathan Demme”- The trio talk about the large amount of Neil young concert films, Woodstock, film, music collaborations, Neil’s voice, etc. Neil Young is actually quite funny here and it’s worth watching this extra for his humor alone.
* “Journey To Slamdance: A Conversation With Neil Young And Jonathan Demme”- A Q&A from the Slamdance film festival. Some new information here and some information you will have heard from the 92Y extra.

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