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The Essential Games Of The Milwaukee Brewers DVD Review

This DVD set is an outstanding celebration of the Milwaukee Brewers finest moments.

As the MLB post-season winds down, MLB fans can still enjoy some classic baseball with the newly released “The Essential Games Of The Milwaukee Brewers” 4 game DVD set. Including in this set are 2 games from 1982, 1 from 2008 and 1 from 2011. Since 1982 was the club’s best year overall, it makes sense that 2 games from that storied season are on this set.

The first game is the October 10, 1982 Game of the ALCS series against the California Angels. The game itself isn’t outstanding (especially since Cy Young winning Brewers pitcher Pete Vuckovich had a rather forgettable game giving up 9 hits and 3 runs). Thankfully, Vuckovich received enough run support to win the coveted AL pennant thanks to the batting power of Paul Molitor, Ben Oglivie, Jim Ganter, and Charlie Moore.

Of course, the big 1982 game comes from the World Series (Game 4 October 16, 1982 to be exact). Sadly, the Brewers lost the series 4 games to 3, but this comeback victory in which the Brewers scored 6 runs in the 7th inning is a thing of baseball beauty. And they did it without any homers!

The September 28, 2008 wild card clincher against the Chicago Cubs is a great representation of the recent Brewers year. This season in particular showcased rookie sensation Ryan Braun and slugger Prince Fielder.  While Fielder was hitless in this game, we see Braun at his very best as he smacks a homer in the 8th inning. You also get to see CC Sabathia pitch a full game giving up only 4 hits and no runs.

Last up is the October 7, 2011 NLDS Game 5. This walk-off win (in the 10th inning) advanced the team to compete against the St. Louis Cardinals (who wound up winning the World Series that year). The most notable moment here Nyjer Morgan’s game winning single that allowed Carlos Gomez to score from second base.


The video quality is hit-and-miss as per usual. The first 1982 game is a bit blurry and color faded while the second 1982 game features some distracting edge of the frame flickering. You’d think the recent 2008 game would look good, but it’s not in the best shape (there’s even a flicker top of the screen in spots). Thankfully, the 2011 game looks great and it’s the only one presented in widescreen too.

Viewers have many options when it comes to the audio tracks. The first 1982 game includes National TV and Brewers TV play-by-play while the second one just includes the national TV broadcast. The 2008 and 2011 games include TV and radio calls (with the great radio call done by “Major League” star and veteran radio broadcaster Bob Uecker).

Unlike many of the extra feature less “Essential” sets, this Brewers set is jam packed with extras that include:
* “Robin Yount: Hometown Hero”- A featurette on the great player.
* “Harvey’s Wallbangers: 1982 Brewers”- A piece on the eccentric, but impressive 1982 Brewers.
* “1982 Brewers Clinch AL East”- The bottom of the ninth inning of this game shown in full.
* “Juan Nieves Closes Out No-Hitter- 4/15/1987”- More bottom of the ninth action to showcase Nieves great pitching.
* “Sexson And Burnitz: 3 Home Runs Each In One Game- 9/25/2001”- Title says it all. I think this game should have been featured in the set to be honest.
* “Ben Sheets Strikes Out 18”- Footage of Sheets striking out batters.
* “This Week In Baseball: 2008 and 2009 Brewers”- 2 featurettes about the 2008 and 2009 seasons.
* “2011 NLDS Game 5 Post-Game Celebration”
* “Ryan Braun’s 3 Home Run Game- 4/30/2012”- A recent inclusion of one of Braun’s best games.

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