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Doctor Who: The Krotons DVD Review

“The Krotons” isn’t a very memorable “Doctor Who” adventure.

In this 2nd Doctor era episode, Jamie, Zoe, and the Doctor encounter a group of humanoid aliens (the Gonds) that serve the Krotons. At first, it is not clear who or what the Krotons are or why they have essentially enslaved the Gonds. However, as the Doctor and his companions further investigate the Krotons, it soon becomes clear that the Krotons are up to no good (especially with the Gonds that are offered up to the Krotons). Can the Doctor stop the Krotons from their evil deeds? Will the Gonds rise up against the Krotons they have served?

In the first part of “The Krotons,” it felt like the serial adventure had real potential as writer Robert Holmes built-up to the reveal of the Krotons. Unfortunately, once the Krotons are revealed, the story becomes a  pretty routine ‘Who’ adventure complete with an obligatory revolution, bland low budget sets, uninteresting squabbles between characters (namely the Gronds), and a lousy one-off TV series villain that tries to come off as a combo of the Daleks and Cybermen.

On the plus side, Patrick Troughton does a fine job here portraying his quirky 2nd Doctor (as he usually does). Since very few full episodes exist from his era, I always feel like it’s a treat to get one of his stories on DVD. It’s just a shame it’s one of the weakest entries from his era.


I’ll say one thing about this disc, the episode transfer is spectacular. This is far and away one of the best looking B&W ‘Who’ episodes. The episode, which is presented in fullscreen, has really been cleaned up here. A superb restoration all around.

In addition to the usual Dolby Digital Mono track, a Dolby Digital 5.1 track has also been included on this disc. As you can imagine, it is a great upgrade in sound quality.

* Trailers for “Doctor Who” series 6 and “The Greatest Show In The Galaxy,” photo gallery, info text, and Radio Times Listings.
* “The Doctor’s Strange Love: The Krotons”- A two person 7 minute discussion about “The Krotons.”
* “Second Time Around”- A fantastic documentary on the Patrick Troughton era of “Doctor Who.” Interviews with the cast and crew, clips, and news clips are included.
* “Doctor Who Stories- Frazer Hines”-A humorous Frazer Hines talks about his experiences in filming the show, the TARDIS set, Ice Warriors, characters, episodes of the second Doctor era, etc.
* Commentary by Toby Hadoke, Philip Madoc, Richard Ireson, Gilbert Wynne, David Tilley, Sylvia James, Brian Hodgson, and Bobi Barlett. It’s disappointing that Hines did not participate in this commentary. His presence would have really helped this rather dry commentary.

Summary: Despite fantastic video/audio quality and extras, “The Krotons” isn’t a top tier episode. Give it a rent.

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